15 January 2013

McDonald's: The Great Aussie Brekkie, Randwick (12 Jan 2013)

20/73 Belmore Road, Randwick NSW 2031

The Great Maccas Craving

Every year around my birthday I get a blood test to check my cholesterol and general health. After my test this year I had been fasting for over 12 hours so I was pretty hungry and against my better judgement I was drawn to try The Great Aussie Brekkie ($7.45 with hash brown and drink). Of course I blame the promotional tv ad I saw the night before combined with lower than normal levels of sugar, salt and fat in my body. Admittedly I also find it hard to resist their evil crispy hash brown especially if it's cooked to a crunchy perfection. The Aussie BBQ Brekkie Roll comes in a super soft wheatgerm bun making it easy to eat. The two sausages have a bit of spice giving it taste and the bacon was just slightly tougher this time than I've had in their Bacon & Egg McMuffin. There was a fair amount of sauce which made it a bit messy to eat. You never get those perfect looking burgers you see in the menu boards anyway. For a Maccas option the flavours worked quite well together. It was like have an oversized cheeseburger with bacon and BBQ sauce and spicier patties. Not sure if I'd have it again as I only seem to have McDonald's when some new promotion comes out but if I was on a road trip I'd probably consider it as a meal on the run.

PROS: Quick and easy and available everywhere, Maccas breakfast fans will probably enjoy it
CONS: Not the healthiest breakfast option, No nutrient information on the packaging for the Aussie BBQ Brekkie Roll
MUST TRY: Hash brown before 10.30 am if you're a Maccas fan
VERDICT: A new breakfast option that's more filling than their other options which will probably be quite popular for those who like the Sausage McMuffin but larger and saucier
The Great Aussie Brekkie ($7.45 meal)

Aussie BBQ Brekkie Roll

Hash brown

Hash brown nutrition information 

 Did you know McDonald's has registered 'Maccas' — that's pretty cheeky

Aussie BBQ Brekkie Roll 2580kJ, Meal 4080kJ

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JB @ jbjose.com said...

Whoa! 4080kJ! Nearly half for the day!

Love the idea of an annual blood test... it's been years since I've last had one.

Christine @ Cooking Crusade said...

Great idea doing a yearly blood test.. I should do that too! I absolutely love their hash browns too, hehe. I actually knew a guy who used to BUTTER the hash browns from Maccas before eating them (with the whipped butter they usually give out with the pancakes). Crazy right?!

Sara - Belly Rumbles said...

All I can say is that you did it the right way around. The Maccas after the blood test and not before ;p

Simon Leong said...

hi jb, it's a crazy amount of calories when you think about it.

hi christine, blood test around your birthday is a good idea so it's easy to remember when to go. i like my hash browns the way Mother Maccas intended :-) don't think I could have them with butter.

hi sara, cholesterol result this year is down which is great. i think having more vegetarian dinners at home might have helped and probably going out to less events due to family commitments might have helped too perhaps :-)

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