06 January 2013

New Year's Day: Swim, Fish & Chips and Bocce, Dee Why (1 Jan 2013)

12A The Strand, Dee Why NSW 2099

Happy Foodie New Year

First day of the year weather conditions were perfect for my annual trip to Dee Why Beach for a swim, fish and chips and a game of bocce in the nearby park with friends. Our usual Seafood at the Beach pitstop was still busy at 4.30 pm and the wait time was around 15-20 minutes which wasn't too bad compared to some years. Grilled fish and chips ($12.50) was pretty good. All cooked to order so chips were hot and crisp and fish quite tasty and decent size. Seafood salad ($8) had a fair amount of prawns amongst the seafood stick and considering they charge $7 for garden salad I thought it was the better deal. Beach water was clean with a bit of seaweed and thankfully no sign of sharks as recently reported around the northern beaches. My Eastern suburbs team were victorious again over north side team — first two games won out of possible three.

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1 Jan 2013 - Grilled fish and chips, Seafood salad
1 Jan 2012 - Grilled fish and chips
1 Jan 2011 - Fish and chips, Salt and Pepper Calamari
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PROS: Fish and chips cooked to order, Nice location, Beach nearby
CONS: Finding parking is a nightmare in the area
MUST TRY: Bringing own salads next time to save money
Grilled fish and chips ($12.50), Seafood Salad ($8)

Pretty good chips and decent portion

Fish nice but not sure what kind — probably flake, maybe barra?

Seafood salad ($8) — decent amount of prawns amongst seafood stick

2 teams of 3 with 2 balls each

Plenty more beers to choose from this year

Shot of the day

Tricky terrain

Ditch of the day

Close call of the day

Old school measure

Thongs are footwear of choice

New Year sunset shadows

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Winston said...

Awesome stuff! What a great tradition to have with friends. Happy 2013 to you, Simon! Hope to catch you some time. Cheers! =)

milkteaxx said...

fish and chips are the best at the beach!

Simon Leong said...

hi winston, hope you have a super new year too and looking forward to catching up again one day.

hi milkteaxx, they go hand in hand that's for sure. must be all the salt in the air :-)

Sara - Belly Rumbles said...

Happy New Year. What a great way to spend the first day of the year.

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