14 August 2016

$2 Choc Top at McDonald's, Coogee (14 Aug 2016)

186 Arden Street, Coogee NSW 2034

Choc Top Craving

I've always loved choc tops. Whenever I go to the movies I'll always get one. So when I saw Maccas advertise choc tops on TV I was keen to try one as I'm already a fan of their 50 cent soft serve cones, although Coogee is selling them for $0.75. I always thought it would be a standard pricing? Anyway the Choc Top ($2) looked promising once it finally was served. Was quite a delay before getting it though. They seemed to be heating up the chocolate and getting it to the right temperate of what looked like 26 degrees before it was ready for dipping. Presented quite well but from my first bite it collapsed quickly and started dripping. The chocolate was hard as required but the soft serve was way too soft for it to hold its shape. The waffle cone was good. Thin and crisp enough making it enjoyable once I sorted out all the messy soft serve drippings down the side. So technically it's a bit of a fail for me. The chocolate coating would need to be ultra thin for it to work with the soft serve.

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