04 August 2016

Campos Coffee, Barangaroo, Sydney (3 Aug 2016)

Lobby, Tower 3, International Tower
300 Barangaroo Ave, Sydney NSW 2000

Campos Coffee flagship store #4

Friendly and happy team of baristas working in this very cool lobby space ready for quick coffee turnaround for the busy office workers around Barangaroo. Cappuccino ($3.60) has that familiar 'Superior Blend' Campos Coffee flavour hit. One of the baristas was making some filter coffee at the time which I had a sample taste. Very tea like with a citrus honey sweetness flavour to it. Very nice actually and a good alternative to the milky version I usually drink. Plenty of cakes and pastries to tempt including great looking Cinnamon Cronuts and Almond Croissants.

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