02 July 2009

Beach Palace Hotel: Wednesday $2 Steak, Coogee (2 July 2009)

169 Dolphin Street, Coogee NSW 2034

Cheapest steak in Sydney?

We've all probably had a $10 pub steak at one time or another and even the more reasonably priced $7 steak. Some of us have even probably had those elusive $5 steaks but by far the cheapest steak I've ever heard and tried is the very popular $2 steak promo on Wednesday nights at Palace Bistro in the Beach Palace Hotel (which I've always called the Coogee Palace for some strange reason). Fearing the worst of a really bad experience because it's so cheap, I'm comforted when arriving about 7.30 pm to see a long line of customers queuing to order and spot most of the diners eating their steaks happily.

While waiting to order I notice the cook filling the entire grill with steaks, about 40 I reckon, and found out from the kitchen they go through about 500 steaks a day — that's a lot of protein. So keep in mind they aren't really cooking your steak to order which means it might not be as hot as you'd hope. My medium-rare steak arrived cooked as ordered and was actually quite tender and tasty and had less grizzle than I was expecting for the price. For an extra $2 it came with salad (lettuce) and yummy hot chips although some of the lettuce leaves looked a little wilted and have probably seen better days — maybe due to the heat of the kitchen. The only catch is you have to order a $4 drink which you'd probably get anyway to wash it all down. A glass of red or white wine is between $5 and $7 and the reasonably priced steamed vegetables for $6 were good. Would I be back again, hell yeah!

Can you find a cheaper steak?

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Promotional poster

300gm Rump Steak ($2) with chips and salad ($2) with any $4 drink purchase from 5 pm

Steamed vegetables $6

Weekly specials menu board

Ground floor dining

Coogee beach pathway


Mr. Taste @ tastedbytwo said...

This isn't the infamous Poogee hotel is it? hehe.

$2 steaks is just awesome value, not surprised that it is so popular

Anita said...

$2!!!! OMG that's certainly the cheapest steak I've ever seen.

Betty @ The Hungry Girl said...

wow. that certainly is amazing! never seen/heard of the $2 steak before!

Anonymous said...

Well if Mr Rudd says so :P
But srsly that is cheap steak! If only you could get a steak with a side of steak for an extra 2 dora hee hee

Madam Wu said...

I don't know how you find these bargains! $2 is outrageous. What was the sauce on the steak and were there any choices for it?

Stephcookie said...

That looks incredibly decent for the price tag! No wonder it's attracting so many people

The Asian Pear said...

wow. I've never seen steak that cheap before!

Rilsta said...

$2 steak??!! I don't think you can buy a steak for $2 from the supermarket uncooked! At least it tasted ok. I would be wary too trying a $2 steak!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Wow $2 is great even with the extras too :) Good to know that it isn't bad quality either!

Simon Leong said...

Hi Mr. Taste, it's thankfully not the Poogee Hotel but Beach Palace Hotel at the north end of the beach.

Hi Anita, I'd be hard pressed to find a cheaper one.

Hi Betty, first time I've heard of one so cheap as well.

Hi FFichiban, actually tasted better than some $7-$10 rump steaks I've had in the past which surprised me.

Hi Stella Diver, this one I spotted in the local paper. Sauce was just gravy I think, I don't think there were options.

Hi Stephcookie, it's like giving them away.

Hi The Asian Pear, I hope they continue the promotion for a while.

Hi Rilsta, I don't think you can buy it cheaper in the supermarket. For the same size i reckon about $5 would be the cheapest you could buy it on special perhaps. I was wary too but it seemed fine.

Hi Lorraine, I'm glad it was decent quality too.

Hammer time said...

hey guys i have been to the Palace before and tried the steak, one word.... AMAZING!! Also simon you can get a heap of different sauces red wine, bernaise, mushroom, pepper corn and obviously gravy.
The best!!! i recommend highly. Good spot also Simon ur a legend!!

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