13 April 2009

Kingsford Chinese Restaurant, Kingsford (13 April 2009)

426 Anzac Parade Kingsford NSW 2032
Hours: 11 am - 11 pm

Cheap Chinese

On any given night this is one of the most popular cheap and cheerful Chinese restaurants on the Anzac Parade strip. The food is decent for the reasonable prices you pay. Tonight they sadly had run out of Salt & Pepper Calamari which is one of my favourites along with the Sang Tung Chicken. Although I enjoyed the Salt & Pepper Prawns crispy tasty coating. Don't expect the best of service but they do a good job considering the huge turnover of predominately Asian customers that eagerly wait for a table.

Other visits to Kingsford Chinese Restaurant:
13 April 2009 - Sang Tung Chicken, Salt & Pepper Prawns, Chinese Mushrooms and Vegetables, Chicken and Salt Fish Fried Rice
15 Sept 2009 - Sang Tung Chicken, Deep Fried Calamari, Fried Rice, Braised Green Beans

Sang Tung Chicken $11 [Warning: contains lots of garlic]

King Prawns with Pepper & Salt $14.50

Chinese Mushroom with Seasonal Vegetables $11

Chicken & Salted Fish Fried Rice $6.80

Dining area

Customers eagerly await for a spare table

Customers waiting outside


Betty @ The Hungry Girl said...

wow @ the line outside the door! i haven't been there in ages. will remember to try simon's favourite chicken next time!

Steph said...

Yum! Love the sang tung chicken! That photo is making me hungry...

Anita said...

I can understand why the Sang Tung Chicken is a favourite of yours - it looks delicious!

Jen (jenius.com.au) said...

wow, i haven't been here in ages! used to come after a late night at uni (postgrad at unsw). i love sang tung chicken too, this doesn't look like it has much of the soy vinegar dressing? it's so good with loads of fresh chilli, garlic, shallots and coriander....mmmmmmmmm :)

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

I was recommended the S&P squid here! Those queues are amazing considering how many places there are along that strip!

Simon Leong said...

hi betty, the sang tung chicken seems to be very popular choice for many who dine there.

hi steph, make sure you try the salt and pepper squid

hi anita, the sang tung chicken is a must but watch out, it's packed with lots of garlic

hi jen, doesn't really have much soy, it's more vinegar based i think.

hi lorraine, definitely order the salt and pepper squid, one of my Sydney top 3 for me I think. others would be Palace Chinese in the city and Pho 236 king st in Newtown for Salt & Pepper Squid.

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

I love my chicken with loads of garlic too!

The lines like REALLY long, it must be extremely good for people to be waiting for so long. Or maybe it has to do with the price/quality ration, cant go past a good dish for a reasonable price!

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, Somewhat unrelated question, but do you know what became of Panda Chinese further up the road? All I can see is a blakened door ... Hope you can shed some light! Thanks


Anonymous said...



Simon Leong said...

hi maria, it's pretty tasty and it's very cheap and it's a predominant uni student area. hence long lines to get in.

hi G, not sure about Panda Chinese. I didn't get a chance to try :-( were they any good?

hi anonymous, i'm not surprised about the penalties. it's a bit like Hong Ha in Mascot getting fined for similar things but they're remain hugely popular due to being so cheap. perhaps regulars just develop an iron stomach or the fines are for things which are easily fixed the next day. if a fine is really serious then using a place will be closed down.

All About Food Blog - Ardi said...

Hi Simon,

I've been going to this restaurant since I was in uni. It is really not for the picky and the difficult.

Come in enjoy the food, and don't be too offended with anything they say or do... even when the bills came early to kick you out :)

Simon Leong said...

hi ardi, do you have any dish recommendations for those that haven't been before? what are you favourites?

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