31 May 2009

Poached Egg with Bacon Crumble: Attempt #2 (31 May 2009)

I'm not having much luck with cooking a perfectly poached egg at the moment. After my first attempt I even had some helpful advice from Ellie from Almost Bourdain who gave me a link on Jenny Mac's Lip Smack which mentioned using plastic clips which I actually found in my cupboard. The problem this time was I think I didn't put enough water in the pot and when the little cling wrap bags touched the bottom of the pot they melted and split my little poaching bags. In the end I managed to salvage what I could to place on top of the toast and bacon to make it look as presentable as possible. As they say practice makes perfect so hence I'll keep trying.

Eggs wrapped up in cling wrap

Diced bacon being fried

Cling wrap bag touches the bottom of pot and starts to split

Salvaging the deformed poached eggs

Poached egg with bacon crumble on toast, Chef Leong :-)

The aftermath of operation 'Save Poached Eggs'


marieeats said...

I read you can poach eggs with about 2 tsp of vinegar in hot water. Maybe you can try that.

Rilsta said...

Good try with a new technique but it actually looks like more work than trying to poach them normally! :)

I cheat when poaching my eggs and use a gadget that the eggs sit in to maintain their shape while in the water! I don't have the patience to poach the normal way!

Anonymous said...

Next time, try putting the 'bags' into small cups; it helps them hold their shape better. You can also add slivers of truffle / foie gras / chorizo / chives / anything into the bags to infuse the egg.
If you cook them slightly more, then leave to cool, they make an awesome picnic snack and can even be sliced.
Best poached egg is still the simple one, though - bring a pan of salted water to a simmer, turn off heat, wait til the water stills and add the eggs. Put a lid on it and cook to desired 'doneness'.
Great site, btw! :-)

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