30 May 2009

Poached Egg with Bacon Crumble: Attempt #1 (30 May 2009)

When I get a chance I try and watch Masterchef but at the moment I've got so many previous episodes to catchup on. Poaching an egg has always been a mystery to me so when it was demonstrated on Masterclass - Episode 17 using cling wrap I had to give it a go. It was very tricky trying to tie a good knot with the cling wrap so next time I think I'll just use a wooden peg if it works. I thought the video said 10 minutes in boiling water but this seemed too long to me. I kept it in for 6 minutes and this ended up being way too long and the egg was a bit too firm. I rechecked the video and they actually said about 4 minutes on a 'simmer'. No wonder I got it totally wrong — but next time I'll hopefully get it right. Glad I wasn't trying this on Masterchef but I especially enjoy watching the master classes to learn lots of practical cooking tips.

Poached Egg with Bacon Crumble, Chef Leong :-)


Anonymous said...

I knew about this trick before masterchef, the best way to seal the clip wrap is to use a plastic clip from Ikea. You can find them at their kitchen accessories section.

Anonymous said...

This link (not mine) has the picture of the plastic clip and better method of poaching egg in clip wrap.


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