08 June 2009

Poached Egg: Attempt #4 (8 June 2009)

Today I continue to learn how to cook a poached egg and have heard of the vinegar in water technique so I did a quick Google search and found this video for Perfect Poached Egg on YouTube. I gave it a go and it sort of worked for me but the egg started sticking a bit to the bottom of my pan. I managed to salvage them and they turned out OK. I later did another search and found this Gordon Ramsay video where he shows whisking the water first before placing the egg in and then after making sure you put the poached egg in ice water to slow down the cooking process. I also found this YouTube video by Chef Todd Mohr who talks a bit more about the cooking process and egg itself.

Place eggs in small bowl

Place eggs in simmering water with tablespoon of vinegar

Cover saucepan with lid to cook for a few minutes

Dry eggs on paper towel to remove excess water

Poached egg on toast, Chef Leong :-)


Food lover said...

Hi Simon. Don't know if you've been following MasterChef, but did showed a very interesting way to poach eggs using Glad plastic wrap. Make sure to drizzle the plastic in olive oil before putting in the eggs and take all air out before closing your 'egg bag'. I've tried it at home a couple of times and it works perfectly!

Simon Leong said...

hi Food Lover, I have seen the Masterchef show and tried, see attempts 1-3. But I've found it really hard to tie the knot. Must be my slippery fingers.

lesley said...

Hello Simon,
I've just read your blog on poached eggs, it can be an art sometimes, but yours look fine!
Best way I've found is to get the water to a rapid boil, just break the eggs in, no spinning or cling film etc...wait one minute, then turn off heat completely, they'll just cook on their own, try it...it works :0)

Anonymous said...

I use a microwave egg poacher, after a couple of attempts to get the timing right, I get perfect poached eggs.

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