06 June 2009

Poached Egg: Attempt #3 (6 June 2009)

As they say 'practice makes perfect' so this is my third attempt at making a good poached egg and so I watched the timing and made sure there was enough water in the pot so it didn't touch the bottom. Also tied the cling wrap with string so it floated more easily. Seemed to work a lot better this time round. But I will investigate alternatives which some readers have mentioned.

Poached egg with bacon and avocado, Chef Leong :-) + Chef Loz


Arwen from Hoglet K said...

I've seen some little silicon egg poaching dishes lately, but I don't know how they go. My success with poached eggs is certainly variable. Good luck in your quest!

Technicolour Nightmare said...

We're both on the same quest. Though when I tried the cling wrap thing the cling wrap melted into the egg!!!
This one looks good.

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

hmmm gooey eggy goodness. I love the folds in the egg that the cling wrap has left. I've never tried this method before, but it does look quiet tempting

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