20 July 2009

LNC Dessert House, Haymarket (16 July 2009)

Shop 12, 339 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Funky Asian Sweet Shop

While walking towards lunch I noticed this dessert shop which I remember was reviewed by A Table For Two. I'm so glad I spotted it because after having a heavy dose of collagen from the ramen at Gumshara I was in dire need of something sweet and light to counter-act the taste in my mouth. Not knowing what to order I spot a review of the ice kacang in the window by SMH Good Living which is just what I felt like. It hit the spot for something refreshing although in terms of an ice kacang I think it was more expensive than you'd usually pay and lacked a good dose of rose water syrup which I'm used to. The shallow bowl also made it a challenge to mix the ingredients together but nevertheless I'm glad to have tried.

Where's a good place to get ice kacang?

Ice Kacang (5 choices, palm sugar, condensed milk, coconut milk with shaved ice) $8

My separate bowl

Pick your toppings

Ice cream display

SMH Good Living review in window


YaYa said...

Love the process of selecting the things to be mixed in, will have to make the trek to Sussex street to try!

Anonymous said...

This girl was wiping the ice cream container sides (still with ice cream in it) with a really dirty cloth, it was gross...never going back

Simon Leong said...

hi yaya, it's pretty good when you get to select what you want in your dessert.

hi anonymous, that's sounds pretty bad indeed. thanks for the warning. i've only been the once. they don't seem to have much competition in the area it seems.

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