05 August 2009

BKK Shopping Centre: Rainbow Drink (Che), Cabramatta (2 August 2009)

BKK Shopping Centre International Food Court
Cnr Dutton Lane and Park Road, Cabramatta NSW 2166

A Vietnamese Rainbow

Here's a popular place you'll find when you walk inside the BKK Shopping Centre to get yourself a Rainbow drink (Che?) I think it's called which seems to be the name I found with Google. I'm not actually sure what it's exact name is but you pick your toppings and they top it with coconut milk and ice. You then mix it up and drink and eat it. It's very refreshing and today's choices include some jackfruit, cendol, tapioca sago seeds and a myriad of agar agar coloured jelly stuff. It seems to be a lot cheaper than what you might pay at LNC Dessert House. The lady behind the counter didn't want me taking photos of the display so I was lucky to get one quickly before she told me 'no photos'. Perhaps they are worried someone will copy their ingredients?

Do you know the name of this drink and the shop in BKK?

Rainbow drink with 8 choices $4

Mixing up the ingredients

Topping choices

Service counter

Dutton Lane entry

Local map from Discover Greater Sydney showing BKK Shopping Centre

Competition outside BKK

Yummi Sweets is located outside BKK Shopping Centre

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Betty @ The Hungry Girl said...

I don't think it's called che ba mau - that's the 3 coloured drink. i've always just seen them call it 'fruit shake'?! the place outside BKK, opposite Red Lea is really good for fruit shakes! I used to love it, until I realised it was all just sugar, and then I decided to cut back. lol.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Love the colourful worms in these drinks!

Brenda said...

Ahhh Cabramatta....the best place to go for Pho and 8 choice drinks. It's always so cheap and the food is good. Only thing is I hate trying to find parking

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Wow, never know there is BKK shopping center in Cabramatta (but I haven't been there anyway). About the drink, I don't know what its called in Vietnam but if in Thailand, we call ''Ruam mit" means mixing everything together.

By the way, I would love to give you a "kreative blogger award" for you, and if you have time,
please check at


marieeats said...

Hey Simon. You are right the dessert is called 'Che'. As betty says the 'fruit shake' opposite from Red Lea is awesome. Very true its filled with syrup. Have you tried the Red Lea chips? They are a must-have!

Hulda said...

Hi! Yes, that's right :) I am the designer of the Kreativ Blogger Award. :) I made it from some scrap sheets in May 2008. :)

You find it here:


Hulda said...

The correct link:


Simon Leong said...

Hi Betty, fruit shake sounds like a good name for it too although sometimes there's not much actual fruit in it. I think I know the one outside BKK too, called Yummi's or something like that?

Hi Lorraine, thankfully they're not real worms

Hi Brenda, Canely Heights seems to be a good place for Viet as well but not as many choices. Oh yes, parking is a nightmare but we tend to park a few blocks away and walk to the centre of town.

Hi Bean Sprout's Cafe, it's a great place to visit. Something very different to other parts of Sydney. Thanks for thinking of me for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

Hi marieeasts, thanks for the confirmation on 'Che', I'll do a double check when I visit BKK again too. The Red Lea chips sounds great, I'll have to add to my wishlist. I love chips!

Hi Hulda, thanks for the confirmation, it certainly seems to be making it's way around the blogging world.

Anonymous said...

yummi sweets is a new store. the one betty is talkin about is kaysone sweets.

Anonymous said...

The drinks at 'Yummi Sweets' taste like shit. I prefer the one inside BKK or Kaysone

Anonymous said...

anyone know if BKK is open after 7pm on a friday night?

margie said...

It's called Sam Bo Luong.

Simon Leong said...

hi margie, thanks for the details :-)

Julie said...

I'm Vietnamese and I can tell you it's not 'sam bo luong' that's a totally different drink. We generally refer sweet desserts as 'Che', as someone else mentioned 'Che ba mau' the three coloured dessert is similar to the dessert pictured above. The traditional three coloured dessert has no fruit, but this one incorporates fruits into it which makes it more refreshing to eat. So it's pretty much a spin-off of the three coloured dessert, some people now refer them to as 6coloured or 8coloured che in Cabramatta.

Simon Leong said...

Hi Julie, thanks so much for the information. Much appreciated.

Tehara said...

Rainbow drink is very delicious with sweet water and the nutritious components to bring the comfortable feeling in hot summer

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