07 August 2009

Exotic Asian Fruits, Cabramatta (2 August 2009)

Asian Fruits of Cabramatta

After enjoying a nice Vietnamese lunch at Bau Truong and a washing it down with a sweet Rainbow drink it was time to soak up the atmosphere of the Cabramatta shops and markets. Call me crazy but I love walking around the shops and checking out all the fresh fruit and vegetables on offer. It looked like there was plenty of interesting Asian fruits in season. Even though I'm half Malaysian I really can't get used to the taste of eating durian — sacrilege I know. Here's a couple of great blogs about durian from A Table For Two and One Bite More. I'm not much of a jackfruit fan as well although I didn't mind it in the Rainbow drink. I'm OK with mangosteen and longan and sit on the fence with dragonfruit (pictured above) which looks great in the David Jones fruit salad when in season. My all time favourite tropical fruit would have to be mango and I also enjoy lychees. Walking on beach in bare feet during sunset is also nice :-)

Am I the only Malaysian who doesn't like durian?






Zina @ tastedbytwo said...

Loving the Cabramatta theme!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I'm not Malaysian but I can't stand Durian if that counts! :P

Amy Benjamin said...


(This is in reply to the message you left on my blog!)

I had a feeling you lived somewhere round me because of all your blogs about restaurants in my area! You probably do catch the same bus as Daniel too!

In fact, on my way home from dinner tonight I was telling my fiance about your blog and how great it was because you were reviewing eateries that I would tend to go to, taking the hard work out of it for me... then came home and saw your message!!!

Crazy, crazy, crazy small world!

K said...

haha doesn't sound like your asian at all considering how you dont like durian and jackfruit and think mangosteen and longan are 'ok'!! this is so weird! I love all my tropical fruits (except durian) but too bad i'm allergic to them =[

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