10 August 2009

Grand National: Pub Bistro, Paddington (6 August 2009)

161 Underwood Street, Paddington NSW 2021

Popular Paddo Bistro

After checking out the latest Woodstock exhibition at Blender Gallery it was time for dinner and this popular pub is located just down the road. The front bar has always been crowded when I've visited around dinner time and finding a seat can sometimes require a bit of luck. The front bar was full but I was lucky enough to find a table at the back where the restaurant used to be. It's now converted to be part of the bistro while the restaurant is relocated to level one.

Meals are ordered and paid at the bar and when ready they are brought to your table. The bar and table staff were very efficient as they looked after the tables although their natures ranged from friendly to perhaps a bit impersonal. Our waiter was thankfully the friendly and helpful one who I called upon later to take the NY Steak back to the kitchen. Our cut of meat cooked to medium rare had unfortunately lots of grizzle throughout it and became really tough to eat. They offered to refund the money or cook something else so ended up replacing with the Shell Pasta with Braised Lamb Shank which was much better to eat. The King Prawn Fettucini was pretty good with decent sized prawns and enough bite from the chilli.

Do you have a favourite pub bistro in Sydney?

King prawn fettucini with chilli, garlic and spinach $19

Shell Pasta with braised lamb shank, broad beans, mint and parmesan $18

NY Steak with Chips and Salad and Bernaise Sauce $19

Menu board

Back bar and dining

Front bar

Renovations in progress for restaurant move upstairs


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

That pasta and lamb shanks is calling my name! :P

Betty said...

Oh, pity about the steak. But how nice of them to be so accommodating, the pastas look really nice!

Forager said...

Looks pretty hearty. I love The London in Balmain - especially for a long Friday lunch in Summer..

Anita said...

The shell pasta with lamb would be high on my list of dishes to order, it looks great.

shez said...

Mmyum! I've been to their fine dining restaurant for a function and ohlordyme the food was good. It's in a great spot too - close enough to the main drag to be convenient, but far enough away to not feel too busy.

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