01 April 2010

MASSBUG: Chocolate and Fine Food Ride, Marrickville (27 Mar 2010)

In search of chocolate

Last weekend I had the pleasure of joining the annual MASSBUG (Marrickville and South Sydney Bicycle Group) Chocolate Ride which discovers many hidden gems of the Marrickville Council area. The group was joined by about 20 cyclist and were leisurely guided through the streets at a comfortable pace to visit Alfalfa House, TIM Products, Casa Del Gelato, Adora Handmade Chocolates, Abla Patisserie, Emundi Smokehouse with a final stop at Georgiou's Confectionery which is apparently the largest confectionary shop in Australia. That's where a spotted a 6 kg Ernest Hillier Chocolate Easter Eggs for $230. Tim Products provided some yummy free tastings of their mini Baklava Rolls and delicate Almond Shortbread which just melted in your mouth — I'll definitely be visiting them again. I enjoyed the Wildberry Swirl gelato from Casa Del Gelato and the gold medal awarded Coffee Truffle at Adora hit the spot for an extra smooth sugar hit. Eumundi Smokehouse provided some tasty organic protein sausage samples and Georgiou's Confectionery was definitely a diabetics nightmare and chocoholics dream filled with an enormous choice of Easter offerings.

09:00 – Start. Petersham Station.
09:20 – Alfalfa House
113 Enmore Rd Enmore NSW 2042
09:40 – TIM Products
407 Enmore Rd Marrickville NSW 2204
09:55 – Casa Del Gelato
8/102 Edinburgh Rd Marrickville NSW 2204
10:45 – Adora Hand Made Chocolates
10 Homer St, Earlwood NSW 2206
11:45Eumundi Smokehouse
402 New Canterbury Rd Dulwich Hill NSW 2203
11:50Alba Patisserie
425 New Canterbury Rd Dulwich Hill NSW 2203
12:05Georgiou's Confectionery
147 New Canterbury Rd Petersham NSW 2049
12:25 – Finish. Petersham Station.

PROS: Visiting and supporting lots of local yummy food shops, Feeling a lot safer on the road with a group of other cyclists
CONS: Need a bike and have to ride for your food, Weather permitting
MUST TRY: Mini Almond Shortbread (Tim Products), More from Eumundi Smokehouse

Cycling video

Alfalfa House

TIM Products

Mini Baklava and Almond Shortbread

Casa Del Gelato

Wildberry Swirl $2.50

Adora Hand Made Chocolates

Skim cappuccino with coffee truffle $4

Eumundi Smokehouse

Sausage samplings - Yum!

Alba Patisserie

Georgiou's Confectionery

Ernest Hillier 6 kg chocolate Easter egg $230

Cycling shots

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Laura said...

ahhh! i saw you guys outside alfalfa house and was wondering what was going on... at first i thought it was a belated 'nude bike ride day' troupe ;)

Debbie Ann said...

wow! this is great. I don't have a bicycle, but I'm going to follow the ride path and go by bus. thank you for the report.

Lisa said...

Wow! That's one great adventure! Good treats too! By the way, if your business needs some rewarding change, then it might interest you to consult the best Australian business coach who is continuously changing lives for the better. Good luck!

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

All this right on my doorstep, love my neighbourhood =) Love your photos of the day, looks like fun was had by all. My weakness for chocolates is the reason why I have not been back to Georgiou's in a long while!

Fiona said...

only $230 for the egg! Did you buy me one? ;)

Arianna said...

Looks great ... Been meaning to try a few of those places. Whereabouts was the lake? (didn't spot it on the map easily but looks a nice place to ride etc)

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

oh wow, you tried so many places. thats a fantastic way to get around, try food and then work it all off by riding!!

Jen (jenius.com.au) said...

What a good pairing! You ride off everything you eat at each stop, hehe... I'm shocking on a bike though, can't seem to master the jumping on and off footpath trick!

doggybloggy said...

that looks like a reelly fun day!

Anonymous said...

This is such a great adventure! Absolutely love the idea.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi laura, no nude day ride that day thankfully hehe

hi debbie, i had to borrow one myself but i reckon you could go around as a walk too

hi lisa, thanks for dropping by and you should try and check out some of the shops.

hi angie, you've definitely got some yummy hidden treats around your area. Georgiou's is a really bad place if you're wanting to avoid chocolates :-)

hi fiona, no way, i usually go for the under $5 Cadbury chocolate bunnies in Coles or Woolies hehe get more for less.

hi arianna, the lake is cook river. really nice cycle path.

hi maria, working off the food is always a bonus. can't wait to revisit some of the places too. i must have driven past them so many times and never knew about them.

hi jen, it's a great thing to learn. and once you do you'll never forget.

hi doggybloggy, thankfully the weather was kind which is a big factor of having a successful riding day

hi ellie, you should think about joining in next year. lots of fun and of course lots of places for tempting treats.

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