06 June 2010

Cafe Hernandez: Open 24 Hours 365 Days for Coffee, Potts Point (9 April 2010)

60 Kings Cross Road, Potts Point NSW 2011

24 hour coffee spot

Situated on the outskirts of Kings Cross on a sloping pathway this small coffee shop is open 24 hours all year round and has been in business since 1972. There's quite a few specialist coffee beans to choose from and the pokey seating arrangement inside will keep you warm from the winter chills outside. The coffee seemed OK but unfortunately the churros (spanish donut) is disappointing and quite dry due to not being freshly cooked — but you can't ask much for only $2 I guess. For the best freshly cooked churros I've found so far in Sydney head to Chocolateria San Churro.

PROS: Open 24 hours–7 days a week–365 days a year, Different coffee beans available
CONS: Limited seating and parking, Churros is dry and reheated rather than freshly cooked, Outdoor seating on a slope
MUST TRY: Different coffee beans to compare taste

Flat white $3.30

Hot chocolate $3.30

Cappuccino (colombian) $3.60

Macchiato $3.30

Churros $2 each


Coffee bean menu

Coffee bean display

Inside decor and seating


Blue Penguin said...

On the menus - "stuffed monkeys"... what on earth?

Laura said...

Love me a 24 hour joint

Andrew said...

The one in Glebe is also open to Stupid o'Clock (but not 24-hr, I think), and the coffee is WAY strong - to the point where I didn't like it at first, but found it useful for staying awake in night classes at uni. :)

I love the other miscellany, like horchata and almond croissants. Mmm...

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi blue penguin, i never spotted stuffed monkeys on the menu before hehe i've got no idea what they are besides the obvious. i found this link http://www.ladiesaplate.co.nz/recipes/biscuits/stuffed-monkeys so i think it's a type of biscuit/pastry with filling. i'll have to ask them next time.

hi laura, it must be a good spot for taxi drivers since they work around the clock.

hi andrew, i didn't realise there was one in Glebe? i know of the one off oxford st/riley st though which is open fairly late.

SoRMuiJAi said...

I hope you went with a few friends and didn't have 4 cups of coffee to yourself! (Mind you, my record was 9 in one day...)

I love how you find these random spots as well :)

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi SoRMuiJAi, i certainly did and i actually don't drink much coffee, only for research purposes :-)

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