03 June 2010

Slip Inn: Winter Wonderland free event on 10 June, Sydney (3 June 2010)

111 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Slip Inn to Winter

If you're a lover of free drinks and food with a party atmosphere then you'll probably love this event. Merivale always seem to know how to put on a party and with free flowing drinks it'll surely help the crowd relax and unwind. Apparently the garden will be transformed into a Winter Wonderland and there'll be a spit roast to fill the bellies with what I hope will include pork crackling.

When: From 5:30 pm
Complimentary drinks from 5:30 pm - 7 pm & Spit Roast.

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PROS: Free drinks, spit roast, music and party atmosphere
CONS: Wet weather permitting, It's a Thursday
MUST TRY: Checking it out as early as possible before it gets too crowded

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Phuoc'n Delicious said...

Oooo you can't go wrong with spit roast. Too bad I won't be here to enjoy it. I'm sure you'll have a blast

Simon Leong said...

hi phuoc, i'm hoping there'll be some serious crispy pork crackling :-)

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