21 April 2011

Easter hunt: So whose got the biggest chocolate bunny in Sydney? (21 Apr 2011)

Bad Boy Bunny

Today I went on a hunt for the largest available chocolate Easter egg or bunny I could find in the CBD. Lindt on Martin Place was in a bit of a frenzy with many sized Gold Bunnies on display in their hundreds. The largest I could find was the Lindt Gold Bunny 500g ($38.95) but I believe there are supposed to be 1 kg versions which I didn't see — perhaps all sold out? The small Darrell Lea Chocolate shop on George Street always feels a bit crowded to me and todays line up out the door made it especially so. There wasn't any really big ones available but the Darrell Lea Bart Simpson Chocolate Face ($10.90, 200g) looked like it would be a lot of fun for the kids and young at heart. Haigh’s Chocolates at Strand Arcade had the biggest lineup outside, they always seem to during this time of year. I didn't have the patience nor time to lineup and enter but spotted a Haigh’s Chocolates Filled Dark Egg in the window ($48.50, 175g) which seemed to be one of their biggest and most expensive options.

On to David Jones which seemed to have the largest assortment of Easter chocolates on display. Here stood two of the biggest and most expensive Hillier's Milk Chocolate King Rabbit ($249, 2.8kg) and I spotted a third one around at the lower ground Elizabeth Street Store chocolate area opposite Max Brenner. While I was perusing the store a chap picked one up for purchase — now there's going to be one very happy spoilt kid this weekend, or family of 8 who'll need to help finish the beast. Although it's not as big as the 6 kg chocolate egg I saw last year at Georgiou's Confectionary. Venturing back through town hall Woolworths there didn't seem to be anything of the impressive size but I fondly remember receiving those colourful wrapped Bunnies ($2.98, 170g) when I was a kid. If bananas are too expensive for you then maybe the Candylishus Bananas ($7.48, 530g) will do the trick for now. Coles on George Street had only a small section left of Easter chocolates. There were only a few Cadbury Giant Egg ($30, 700g) left but plenty of bags of Cadbury Egg Bag Selections ($7.98, 250g) which are generally a popular choice amongst the office givers. Finally a quick stop through the Colonial Priceline under the 7 News building on Martin Place. All their Easter stock had sold out and only a handful of Chocolatier No Added Sugar Egg ($6.99, 100g) remained.

Lindt Gold Bunny ($38.95, 500g)

Darrell Lea Bart Simpson Chocolate Face ($10.90, 200g)

Haigh’s Chocolates Filled Dark Egg ($48.50, 175g)

David Jones Hillier's Milk Chocolate King Rabbit ($249, 2.8kg)

Woolworths Bunnies ($2.98, 170g)

Woolworths Cadbury Dairy Milk Hollow Eggs ($2.98, 100g)

Woolworths Candylishus Bananas ($7.48, 530g)

Coles Cadbury Giant Egg ($30, 700g)

Coles Cadbury Egg Bag Selections ($7.98, 250g)

Priceline Chocolatier No Added Sugar Egg ($6.99, 100g)


Anonymous said...

Haigh's also have 600g eggs in milk ($36.75) and dark ($37.25) chocolate, just for the record.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi Anonymous, thanks for the update. such a premium price but i guess people are willing to pay that much :-)

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