11 May 2011

Product Sample: Thomas Chipman Organic Sweet Potato Chips (20 Apr 2011)

Factory 45, 64-86 Beresford Road, Lilydale VIC 3140

New sweet potato variety

Thanks to Yarra Valley Snack Foods for sending me a generous box of 12 packs of the new Thomas Chipman Sweet Potato Chips which I of course shared around the office. I think I still prefer the Beetroot Chips but these were quite well liked. From the taste testers I had around at the time the one thing that most people noticed about these chips was they seemed to feel a bit oily when you picked them up. Each packet was listed as serving 3 people so you'd have to keep this in mind. I did feel a little full after eating a few handfuls so certainly one to have in moderation to keep the fat content to a minimum. I believe sweet potato is regarded as a healthier alternative to the normal potato so if you're already a fan of the Thomas Chipman range then you might want to check out this new variety to see how it compares.

Other Thomas Chipman products tried:
Sweet Potato Chips (20 April 2011)
Organic Beetroot Chips (19 Sept 2010)

PROS: Tastes pretty good, Certified organic, Gluten free, No artificial flavours, colours and additives, Australian made and owned, Nut free
CONS: More expensive than normal chips, Feels a bit oily to the touch, Seems to be quite high in fat content
MUST TRY: Other Thomas Chipman chips

Thomas Chipman Sweet Potato Chips


Nutritional information — keep in mind it's a serving of 3 so if you eat the whole pack then there seems to be quite a bit of fat content

Taste test results:
Don't like it: 1 person
It's OK: 3 people
Really good: 2 people

Box of samples


muppy said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE their beetroot chips.

Anonymous said...

Sweet potato chips are in my book 100 better than potato chips. Good to know that theres a good organic option out there.

Simon Leong said...

hi muppy, i think i love their beetroot ones better too but hope to try their normal potato ones too

hi lateraleating, great as a snack for guests when they arrive for a pre drink too

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