28 July 2011

Capilano Honey Shotz (20 July 2011)

A shot of honey

I'm not exactly sure which showbag the Capilano Honey Shotz satchets came from when I visited the Good Food & Wine Show 2011 but I found them a pretty handy item for my breakfast muffin at work. No need for a knife or spoon, just simply squeeze and you got enough honey to pour over a muffin or piece of toast. Although you could also use the upside down squeezy honey bottles without the need of cutlery. I guess a handy item for travelling, taking on a picnic or even having with your peppermint tea perhaps. The only problem is the extra packaging will add more to the rubbish rather than using a jar of honey and I'm sure it'll also cost more in the end as well.

On the website it mentions 'giving athletes easy access to the carbohydrates they need for a quick energy boost on the run'. I wonder if anyone has actually used it like this?

PROS: Simple and easy to use design, Handy size for one toast or muffin
CONS: Extra packaging unfortunately adds to the rubbish
MUST TRY: Honey with peanut butter

Honey Shotz 7g satchet (RRP $18.95, box of 100)

Slim and compact

Easy foolproof, no mess squeeze and pour design


Richard Elliot said...

Looks like they've taken inspiration from the ketchup packagining!

I quite often have honey before a long run as it's a good form of sugar. Some runners carry jelly beans, so sachets of honey is probably similar. Personally I use the formulated evergy gels which have a mix of hydration salts, sugars and carbohydrates.

Andreas@SydneysBestChefs said...

Sugar is a fantastic alternative to sugar. Now that honey comes in such convenient packs - might just have to put some in my bag for tea!

Ashley said...

Haha, what a fun and neat idea for honey :) I'm always reluctant to get it out because I can't be bothered dealing with the mess, this is the perfect alternative!

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