17 July 2011

Lindt Excellence Blueberry Intense Dark Chocolate (17 July 2011)

Too good to stop at one piece

I tried the Lindt Blueberry Intense Dark chocolate ($3.69 100g) for the first time today and thought it was pretty good. Flavours seemed to work really well and I'm usually a bigger fan of dark chocolate over milk chocolate anyway. You could smell the blueberry scent once you peeled away the foil. It's actually got more almonds (6%) than blueberry (2%) in the ingredients with apparently a bit of apple and pineapple. You can see the almond shards in the chocolate more than the pieces of blueberry. The chocolate block is pretty thin so you don't feel too guilty eating one piece — although whoever stops at one. I always find the foil wrapping on chocolate blocks annoying because you can never tear them away neatly. I think it's a design feature that forces you to reveal more of the block so you can't resist needing to finish off a row or two so you have enough foil to close it all back up again. The other flavours on the shelf that looked pretty tempting to try were the Chilli, Orange Intense and Mint Intense — maybe next time.

Lindt Excellence Blueberry Intense Dark Chocolate ($3.69 100g from Woolworths)

Ingredients: almonds (6%), blueberry (2%)


joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Have to buy myself a block .... :0

sugarpuffi said...

zomg! they come in blueberries now?! i gotta go and grab myself a block

@SuperfoodAnita said...

This chocolate is awesome! I noticed there was more other ingredients than blueberries too.

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, i'd love to buy a block of all the different flavours

hi sugarpuffi, i'm keen to try their orange one next

hi superfoodanita, looks like a bit of apple and pineapple is in the mix too. well spotted.

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