20 September 2011

Launch of Stoli's Global Casting Call‏, The Back Room, Sydney (13 Sept 2011)

2A Roslyn Street, Potts Point NSW 2011

Call out for creative individuals

Thanks to Brooke Simmons from Polkadot PR for inviting me along to the launch of the Stoli Global Casting Call at the well-hidden and quirky style bar The Back Room. Greeted by Playboy Bunnies isn't something you come across everyday, sadly, but the themed Hugh Hefner was also on standby to support the cause to try and find someone as original as himself to win a trip to LA and enjoy a party at the Playboy Mansion. If that wasn't cool enough (for guys anyway) you also get to experience a Zero Gravity Flight. Opportunities like this probably come around once in a lifetime but to win you'll need to be a very highly creative and original individual of some description and enter via Facebook by 15 October 2011. Stoli Cocktail Ambassador Luke Ashton created two cocktails to try and match the theme of the competition. They were pretty different and the Just Add Water cocktail reminded me a little bit of the experimental cocktails I had at Zeta Bar's Extreme Cabaret. Adding Freeze Dried Fruit Powder to Stoli was something I hadn't really come across although if you didn't successfully dissolve the powder it was like eating sherbet in your cocktail. I think I preferred the Supanova cocktail but in moderation because it seemed to be quite sweet or maybe it was the taste of cherry that I needed to consume in moderation. A few canapes were on hand including lamb cutlets which seemed to be a crowd pleaser. I was so side tracked by the cocktails that I missed out on enough food throughout the night so had to top myself up with some nachos around the corner from Guzman Y Gomez.

PROS: Enter to win a trip with a mate to LA including a party at the Playboy Mansion (I'm assuming no touching allowed?) and a Zero Gravity Flight Experience.
CONS: You can only enter via Facebook it seems, Drinking more cocktails than eating food usually doesn't end well the next day
MUST TRY: Thinking of a good cocktail to make with the Stoli Orange I received in the goodie bag

Bartenders ready to please including Luke Ashton (right)

Cocktail making in progress

Freeze Dried Fruit Powder Blend for 'Just Add Water' cocktail — Do not sniff, it'll make your nose a funny colour, I think

Just Add Water cocktail — Combination of Stoli Vodka with Freeze Dried Fruit Powder Blend

Freeze dried fruit garnishes — Pineapple or Blackberry

Bartender Luke making the Supernova cocktail - Stoli combined with Mozart Dry Chocolate Spirit, Russion Caravan Tea and Cherry Tisane, Menthol

Lamb cutlets — these were quite yummy although I think some of the tomato salsa made its way to the floor in the process

Crispy wontons filled with cheese — how could you go wrong

Pork belly canapes with I think an apple salsa

Seared fish canape

I obviously pulled the short straw to have my photo with the Playboy bunny hostesses

Some Stoli cocktail lovers

When you're that rich you might as well shoes that are comfortable

Photographers in action

Walls hangings and encyclopedia page turning to Human Reproduction System

Upside down lamp decor

Mens and womens toilet wall decor

Stoli Vodka Lime & Soda, Goodie Bag of Stoli Orange and merchandise

Look out for the scary dolls in the TV

The Backroom signage

Late night snack of Guzman Y Gomez Nachos ($10.50)

Stolichnaya Global Casting Call

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Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

That's a pretty awesome venue - and those cocktails :( shame I missed it

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