18 October 2008

GFM 2008 Cocktail of the Month: 360 Bar and Dining, Sydney (17 Oct 2008)

Gallery level, 100 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Canape: Seared yellowfin tuna with a black olive and orange segment. This was yummy and flavours well-balanced.

Cocktail: Unfortunately the bar ran out of fresh passionfruit to make the Passion Dash: Fresh passionfruit, Belvedere Vodka Citrus, sugar syrup, Limoncello and Cointreau so the barman came up with the 'Kiwi-thing' which we later renamed the 'Kinky-Kiwi' using fresh kiwifruit, lychees, lime kaffir leaves, Belverdere Vodka 30 ml, Belverdere Vodka Citrus 15 ml, dash of Cointreau, dash of Limoncello top with Apple juice 30ml, shake and strain.

360 degrees viewing of Sydney taking 90 minutes for one rotation

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