07 January 2010

Baffi & Mo Espresso: Potato Hash for my Birthday Brunch, Redfern (4 Jan 2010)

94 Redfern Street, Redfern NSW 2016

A side of hash in Redfern

What better way is there to start my birthday (yes, my birthday WOOHOO!) than being taken out to enjoy the best hash in Redfern — that's potato hash mind you, made from really fresh desiree potatoes I've been told by the kitchen. Our bubbly and friendly waitress in the blue dress welcomes us with a sincere smile and I'd have to say one of the nicest wait staff I've ever come across. My order of Eggs Baffi is very generous and includes great tasting mushrooms — I get a yummy $3 side of Potato Hash. The more modest sized Eggs Benedict is still good and filling.

PROS: Efficient service, Affordable, Coffee, Best hash browns
CONS: Popular
MUST TRY: Potato Hash
Other visits to Baffi & Mo:
4 Jan 2010 - Eggs Baffi, Eggs Benedict
31 Oct 2009 - Potato Hash Stack, One Pan Eggs with bacon and chorizo

Eggs Baffi with roasted mushrooms, feta, spinach and hollandaise $13 with side of potato hash $3

Eggs Benedict with double smoked ham and hollandaise $13

Flat White Coffee $3

Charlies Orange Juice $3.50


Joanie said...

WOW! This is an amazing breakfast!!!!
I miss Australia now. And Redfern St, where my train usually stop...

joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

That looks fantastic! The hash looks so crunchy and the eggs benedict heavenly. Thanks for the tip and happy belated birthday!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Belated happy birthday !!!!

Baffi & Mo has been in my wishlist for awhile but always forget about it... I will try to find out how to go there soon.. the potato hash looks stunning !

Simon Leong said...

hi joanie, glad i made you miss Oz. so many good places to eat :-) i use to work in redfern many years ago. it's changed so much now.

hi joey, i challenge you to find a better hash brown hehe. hope you enjoy if you get to try.

hi bean sprout's cafe, let me know if you get to try. potato hash is a must, everything else comes second. i could have a whole plate just of potato hash actually with perhaps a side of bacon mmmm :-)

Anna said...

Happy birthday, Simon! Hope you had a fantastic day :)

You definitely can't go past a good hashbrown, and yours looked prettty awesome.

Simon Leong said...

hi ladybird, they make a good coffee too :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, Happy Birthday, albeit belated. Small note, isn't the potato hash a rehash (pun intended!) of roesti? Looks like a fab caff though. Must make it there soon.

Simon Leong said...

hi Gobsmack'd, the hash brown the serve here I think is much better than any roesti i've had (including Unas) and i tend to find roestis more mashy potato than crispy potato so i think it's safe to say this is more a hash brown :-)

antney said...

Service is fantastic here, great coffee, agree about the hash stack and probably one of the best Bacon & Egg rolls I've had in Sydney (beaten only by the ones at Everleigh markets on a Saturday morning)

Simon Leong said...

hi antney, I'll have to try the bacon and egg roll next :-)

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