05 July 2009

The Dolphin Hotel: Veal Schnitzel $12.50 Thursday Special, Surry Hills (2 July 2009)

412 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Schnitzel special on Thursdays

It seems like every pub in Sydney is promoting some sort of weekly specials menu during these tough economic times and The Dolphin Hotel is no exception. I'm doubtful I'll ever come across a better deal than the very cheap $2 steak at Beach Palace Hotel on Wednesday nights but the $12.50 Veal Schnitzel special on Thursdays at The Dolphin Hotel is still good value. It's quite a thick piece of schnitzel and I ordered mine with the tasty mushroom sauce. The salad was fresh lettuce leaves although it didn't really seem to come with dressing so I needed to ask for more. I would have preferred the dish to be served on a plate rather than a shallow bowl so I could separate my crispy chips from the sauce but that's just me being picky. The generous sized pumpkin risotto was also nice and had chunky bits of salty speck throughout and plenty of shaved parmesan.

The Dolphin Hotel seems to be a popular place and I think their weekly specials are quite reasonably priced. The food has mixed reviews on Eatability so it might depend on what you order. There's quite a bit of seating and the decor is contemporary and quite homely with it's dim lighting.

Where have you had your favourite Veal Schnitzel?

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White River Premium Veal Schnitzel served with fries and a choice of sauce $12.50

Pumpkin, Speck & Sage Risotto $18

Veal Schnitzel promotional flyer

What's On specials menu

Menu board and kitchen

Service counter

Downstairs seating

Upstairs seating


YaYa said...

Have to agree, I prefer my fries on the side too! No use frying it up beautifully only to make em soggy with the gravy, although the food does look pretty good for what you're paying!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

The schnitzel looks pretty good! I always ask for the sauce on the side as I love crispy schnitzel. It looks like a generous sized serve too.

Anita said...

Looks like a nice place. My favourite schitzels are the ones my mum (or me) makes... and are an even better price :P

Karen | Citrus and Candy said...

Schnitzel would be so perfect now in this cold weather! And yes, sauce always to the side and lots of it!

Anonymous said...

Simon, the Cock & Bull in Bondi Junction also does a $2 steak deal. Haven't tried it but saw the ad as I drove past

lili - pikelet & pie said...

Oh, I go to the Dolphin often for work lunches, and they never ever dress the salad. It infuriates me (though I do prefer it 'naked' than covered in fake bulk 'french' dressing, if you know what i mean).

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