18 July 2009

Five O's Bar Restaurant, Coogee (15 July 2009)

Level 1, 186 Arden Street, Coogee NSW 2034

Coogee backpacker cheap eats

Tonight was supposed to be a return visit to the Beach Palace Hotel for their $2 steak but unfortunately there was already a long queue of about 50 people when I arrived at 7.30 pm. Walking around for an alternative dinner spot I noticed Five O's above McDonalds which I remember being advertised in the local paper and displays a very reasonably priced menu. The decor is a bit run down and I especially dislike the tacky noisy lightweight aluminum chairs they use on the balcony. It has a very backpacker feel, as well as being family friendly so it had a friendly laid back atmosphere. It was pretty much full tonight so it obviously has it's local fans. The steak was OK but had too much grizzle for me and wasn't as good as the Palace Beach Hotel so I think it might have been a cheaper cut of meat. Nevertheless it was a cheap meal and filled the stomach.

Has anyone tried anything else on the menu here?

Rump steak 300g ($5.90), vegetables ($2.50) and mushroom sauce ($0.90) $9.30

Grizzle factor — not too good.

House red $4.20

Five O's menu

Dining areas

Balcony view

Beach Palace Hotel

Queue at 7.30 pm for $2 steaks – about 50 people when I arrived.


Anonymous said...

RE five o's Coogee, old pics old menu old review, this must of been last year as it is now under new ownership, there is now nothing under $8 then add sauce and extras your looking at $ 10 min, not bad except you have to even pay for tomatoe sauce ! even maccas provides that if you ask but the mean new people have taken away the sauce bottles even also the TV and music has gone..along with most of the customers, we got served by a surly counter girl who was rude, and tables were being clearing by a guy with a toddler child on his hip, heads up guys your not at home this is meant to be a restauarant and even the most budget pub grub should have some standards. The fries were scanty portions and greasy, the toilets filthy and the chef had an open sore on his hand when i went to pick up meal..
say no more argh !

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, thanks for the update. i didn't think much of the food when i visited by in 2009.

Jennifer said...

I think the anonymous above is a bit misinformed.

We've eaten there several times and it is good, decent food and never had a drama at all. I've got a young family with 2 girls and a boy and we can't really afford to go out much nowadays.

Sure its not 1 hat stuff, but it is what it is. Don't think anyone expects 5* restaurant quality, but its better than most restaurants where you pay $30 for a meal that leaves you hungry after it.

I guess it depends on the person, but the comment above is misleading to say the least.

Simon Leong said...

hi Jennifer, thanks for your comments. i guess everyone has different tastes so i'm glad you've been able to enjoy the food. i wouldn't expect 5 star dining and more like half decent bistro style food that won't break the bank. it has its market, especially in coogee with all the backpackers.

mark said...

i agree with jennifer, the anonymous post above is more than misleading and quite unfair. we eat at five o's a lot. it has always been a favourite of ours, but the food quality has improved so much in recent times. Simon, I'd encourage you to go back and try it again

Simon Leong said...

hi mark, thanks for the update. one day i hope to revisit :-) good to hear the food has improved.

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