29 September 2010

meet fresh: Taiwanese Dessert House, Haymarket (29 Sept 2010)

13 Goulburn Street, Haymarket NSW 2000

Fresh place in Chinatown

What should I try?

I don't think I've ever tried Taiwanese dessert before and with all the people waiting for their orders it might be a while longer before I do. I've hear the lines for this place have been as long as Mamak's. Firstly, I notice all the people waiting around the entrance where the service counter is which makes it very difficult if not impossible to view the menu — this place is so badly designed in terms of customer traffic. I caught a glimpse of the menu items over peoples head but it's all Taiwanese to me so I've got no idea what I would order. After perusing the menu online I've still got no idea what I would order so I need recommendations — there's so many choices. Perhaps I'll just need to start with menu item 1 of Taro Balls Dessert 1? The name of the place is very odd to me, reminds me of Fresh Meat aka Meat Market as in bars where you meet people. Also I'm not sure if it's 'meet fresh', 'Meetfresh' or 'Meet Fresh' which doesn't seem to be consistent on their website — I've gone for 'fresh meet' as per their store signage. I wonder if this place will be competition for LNC Dessert House.

Other visits to Meet Fresh:
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PROS: Something different to try, Seating available
CONS: Chaotic service counter area when busy
MUST TRY: Working out what to order and if it's worth trying


Monica ^o^ said...

LOL, agree with you Simon, at first glance I read it as "Meat Place" too. I'll wait till the rush die down before returning again and try their other desserts :)

missklicious said...

I took one look at the massive line and gave it a miss!

Wina said...

i love their singature herbal jelly dessert! ate 2 servings one day

Simon Leong said...

hi monica, it always seems busy so it's going to be hard to work out when to visit when it's not so crowded.

hi missklicious, i think you're not alone.

hi wina, thanks for the recommendation. sounds yummy and healthy! :-)

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