10 November 2010

Kingsleys Steak & Crabhouse: Bloggers Dinner, Woolloomooloo (9 Nov 2010)

Restaurant 10/6, Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011

Grab a crab or two and enjoy

Thanks to Sarah Ashmore from Pacific Restaurant Group for inviting me along to this generous four course dinner with matching wines and sides to sample some of Kingsleys menu. Even though Kingsleys may be better known for their steaks it was the Alaskan King Crab Legs ($55.90 600g) that stole most of the attention. The pre cracked shell made it easier to excavate the fresh tasting chunks of crab meat — one of the better samples of Alaskan King Crab I've tried. Last weekend it was retailing in the Sydney Fish Markets for around $60/kg but the quality wasn't as good as the one I had tonight at Kingsleys. To start the night off I chose the Mai Tai cocktail ($21) since I've recently come back from a holiday in Hawaii. The taste was nice (and clearly alcoholic) but I thought it was a little overdressed with mint leaves and perhaps a bit too overfilled with ice for my liking. I tried some Little Creatures Single Batch Oatmeal Stout with its chocolatey notes and it was easy to drink.

I was keen, yet also reluctant, to try the Steak Tartare ($17.90) for the first time with truffle aioli and sourdough crostini. Thankfully the chef premixed it for me which can also be ordered plain with a selection of condiments to mix up yourself. I was very happy with the balance of flavours and was so glad it didn't just taste like raw meat. I'd happily order again to perhaps share as an entree. The Baby Octopus with chilli, salt and pepper ($18.50) was nicely presented but perhaps not as tender as I'd hoped — flavours were nice though. The silky soft Burrata mozzarella salad, heirloom tomato and basil ($21.90) is finished off at the table and was quite delicious. For main course of Beef Wellington ($68.90 for two) was carved up at the table Lars Svensson the Group Executive Chef. The eye fillet was moist and tender as hoped which went well with the selection of mustards and horseradish — the outer puff pastry was cooked particularly well.

Out of all the side dishes I really loved the simplicity and crispness of the Iceberg salad, radish and blue cheese ($11.90). I'd happily order the reasonably priced Zucchini, peas, mint and persian fetta ($9.90) and Charred new season asparagus, parmesan ($9.90) as well. Matching wines were of high quality and very drinkable but my favourite was the 2009 Botrytis Viognier Yalumba 'Hand picked' Wrattonbuly SA ($51/bottle) with a lovely bouquet and good depth of sugary flavour to compliment the desserts. My Creme brulee ($13.50) possessed a good shell crack factor and the smooth custard combined well with the sticky blueberry compote. The Toffee cheesecake ($13.90) bordered on panna cotta consistency which made it delightfully much lighter in texture than your usual, sometimes heavy, cheesecake. A traditional looking Chocolate brownie and banana sundae ($13.50) seemed to be a table pleaser as well. My cappuccino was thankfully not bitter but perhaps could have been a bit more robust with its depth of flavour and creaminess but still a good one to finish off the meal. A bounty of delicious Chocolate coated coffee beans were available for those in need of more caffeine and sugary goodness.

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9 Nov 2010 - Bloggers Dinner: Alaksan King Crab, Steak Tartare, Baby Octopus, Beef Wellington, Burrata Mozzarella Salad, Iceberg Salad, Creme Brulee

PROS: Nice decor, Water views, Quality ingredients, Good quality wines, Some reasonably priced dishes considering the location, Professional and friendly service
CONS: Not the safest area to park your car on the street, Not the cheapest place for a steak
MUST TRY: Steak Tartare, Alaskan King Crab, Iceberg salad, Creme Brulee, Next time hopefully Mud Crab with Singapore Chilli

Bread and butter — unfortunately didn't get to try any.

Steak Tartare with truffle aioli, sourdough crostini pre mixed ($17.90)

Steak Tartare condiments for unmixed version

Baby Octopus with chilli, salt and pepper ($18.50)

Burrata mozzarella salad, heirloom tomato and basil prepared at table

Burrata mozzarella salad, heirloom tomato and basil ($21.90)

Alaskan King Crab Legs ($55.90 600g), served chilled with lemon and mayonnaise although I think I'd prefer with a seafood sauce.

Beef Wellington 400g Eye fillet, mushroom duxelle in puff pastry ($68.90 for two, pre order only)

Charred new season asparagus, parmesan ($9.90)

Zucchini, peas, mint and persian fetta ($9.90)

Iceberg salad, radish and blue cheese ($11.90)

Toffee cheesecake with praline icecream ($13.90)

Creme brulee with sticky blueberry compote ($13.50)

Chocolate brownie and banana sundae ($13.50)


Sugar and chocolate coated coffee beans

Mai Tai cocktail ($21)

Little Creatures Single Batch Oatmael Stout

2009 Pinot Noir Stonier Mornington Peninsula ($63/bottle), 2009 Pinot Gris Man O' War ($48/bottle)

2001 Cabernet Sauvignon Punters Corner Coonawarra ($71/bottle)

2009 Botrytis Viognier Yalumba 'Hand picked' Wrattonbuly SA ($51/bottle)

Lars Svensson, Group Executive Chef

Lars carving up the Beef Wellington

Tim Muschamp, Restaurant Manager

Michael Byrne, Assistant Manager

Charlie Casben, Bar Manager

The menu

Cutlery for crab

Alaskan King Crab details

Goodie bag: 2006 Sally's Paddock Redbank Winery Pyrenees Range, VIC, 500g Grain Fed Riverine Premium Beef OP Rib Marble score 2, Chocolate coated coffee beans

Outside seating

Inside seating


Gastronomy Gal said...

Looks like you really enjoyed your dinner! Glad to discover your blog.

Buggles and Squeak said...

The Beef Wellington & the Creme Brulee look amazing....they would have been my pick!

Monica ^o^ said...

talk about speedy post Simon, did you even sleep last nite ? LOL
It was nice to meet you in person (finally) :D

chocolatesuze said...

zomg the burrata was amazing and loved how easy it was to get the crab innards outta the shell!

Betty @ The Hungry Girl said...

Wow. You weren't kidding about getting this up asap! haha. The beef wellington was so good!

john@heneedsfood said...

I'm still actually full after all the food! Good to see you again Simon

Jacq said...

I was wondering if you'd be the first to post this and of course you always are! It was nice to see you last night

joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

A quick post as always! These things are always on when I have to work (natch) so I'm here dribbling at the sight of a great looking beef wellington. I can always pay a visit and pay for it myself though. :-)

Miss Piggy said...

Wow! What an amazing looking feast. I would've been keen for a little taste of the tartare as it's not something I'd order for myself. Love the sound of the salad with the Blue Cheese Dressing. I've never tried burrata either. I need to get out more!

Simon Leong said...

hi gastronomy gal, thanks for popping by and commenting. dinner was very enjoyable :-)

hi buggles and squeak, one of the better beef wellingtons i've been fortunate to try.

hi monica, sleep? what's that? was great to finally meet you too. hope to see you around the traps again :-)

hi suze, i've never heard of burrata before but now I know it's power :-) i can never get enough crab!

hi betty, looking forward to reading your post soon. i concur with the beef wellington although it was very generous in size and nearly didn't leave room for dessert :-)

hi john, i'm still full too. good to see you again too :-)

hi jacq, i think it's time for someone else to blog these events first ;-) but i'll give them a run for their money hehe good to see you again too.

hi joey, that's a bummer about you working. hopefully next time. you always seem to be missing out. i'm planning to revisit with my family for the Alaskan King Crab again and hopefully will try the Singapore Chilli Mud Crab as well.

hi melba, it's the first time i've had steak tartare and thankfully it was a very nice one. i'll be comparing all others to this one now. it was quite rich though so i didn't want to eat the whole thing. first time i've tried burrata too and would happily try again :-)

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