15 May 2011

Kingsleys Steak and Crabhouse: Singapore Chilli Crab, Woolloomooloo (4 Dec 2010)

Restaurant 10/6, Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011

Eating crab is a messy business

Using a $200 gift voucher I received from the Pacific Restaurant Group for helping out at a Managers Creative Day on 23 August 2010 comes in handy for a family lunch at Kingsleys Steak and Crabhouse. The weekend special of a glass of Louis Roederer NV ($17) seems a nice way to start although its elegance is soon overshadowed by how messy the complimentary crusty bread was to cut leaving exploding crumbs all over the table — I’m suspecting this is why many restaurants serve it pre sliced. A good selection of table pleasing entrees included a nicely presented Yellow fin tuna sashimi, nicely flavoured Hervey Bay scallop on half shell ($5.50 each) and the Steak tartare ($17.90) which I’d previously enjoyed with surprise. My mum was against trying the raw meat assuming she’d hate it but after much coaxing finally tried a tiny bit and announced she actually didn’t mind it and thought it was quite nice. A reasonably priced 2010 Totara Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough ($34) seemed good value at such a nice water view restaurant. The Alaskan King Crab legs ($59.90 600g) was on my must have order which possessed decent chunks of sweet crab meat easily accessed through its softish shell.

For mains an Aged rump 120 day grain-fed, Riverine Premium Beef ($26.90 300g) of marble score 2+ was sliced up for easy sharing and cooked nicely to our medium-rare request. Similar to Mad Cow steaks seem to be served as is with no sides — quality meat but at a price. The main drawcard for the visit was to try the QLD Mud crab in Singapore Chilli sauce ($69.50 1-1.2kg) which is at a set price so you know what you’ll be hit up for. My brother refuses to eat crab these days because it’s so messy and involves a frustrating amount of time in finding the meat with usually little gain. The rest of the family still persevere in enjoying the chilli sauce which isn’t too hot and full of flavour with some decent chunks of meat to be found. Unfortunately we were also left with very messy hands that lingered with crab smell well after the meal — one of the downsides of crab eating.

For sides the Steakhouse chips ($6.90) included some ridiculously sized pieces which went nicely dipped into the crab chilli sauce. The Caesar salad, anchovy, sourdough croutons ($9.90) had a nice dressing although I missed having some bacon and egg in it. For a really well flavoured dressing I’m a big fan of the Iceberg salad, radish and blue cheese ($11.90). Most of the sides seemed quite reasonably priced including the Green beans, almonds ($7.90) and Kipflers, spinach and chorizo ($9.90). For a cheap lunch I reckon just ordering all the sides to share like tapas would do the trick. Mocha ($4.50), Cappuccino ($4.50) and Long Black ($4.50) weren’t too bitter and we ended on a sweet note of Cheesecake ($13.90) which I would have preferred more base and a warmly served Butterscotch Pudding ($13.90) which was more to my liking that came with a decent amount of ice cream on top.

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PROS: Water views, Quality ingredients, Nicely presented dishes, Nice decor, Set price for Mud Crab
CONS: Surcharge fee for use of credit card, Depending on what you order could be considered expensive, Crusty bread was very messy to cut
MUST TRY: Yellow fin tuna sashimi, Hervey Bay Scallops, Steak Tartare, Alaskan King Crab, Iceberg salad
WORTH TRYING: Singapore Chilli Crab if you don't mind the mess

Louis Roederer NV ($17)

Complimentary bread — although was very crunchy and messy to cut

Yellow fin tuna sashimi with daikon and apple ($20.90)

Hervey Bay scallop on half shell ($5.50 each)

Steak tartare with truffle aioli and sourdough crostini ($17.90)

2010 Totara Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough ($34)

Alaskan King Crab legs served chilled ($59.90 600g)

Aged rump 120 day grain-fed, Riverine Premium Beef marble score 2+ ($26.90 300g)

QLD Mud crab in Singapore Chilli sauce ($69.50 1-1.2kg)

Steakhouse chips ($6.90) — look at the size of this chip!

Caesar salad, anchovy, sourdough croutons ($9.90) — although can you really have a caesar salad without bacon and egg?

Iceberg salad, radish and blue cheese ($11.90)

Green beans, almonds ($7.90)

Kipflers, spinach and chorizo ($9.90)

Mocha ($4.50)

Cappuccino ($4.50)

Long Black ($4.50) — with a requested side of milk

Cheesecake ($13.90)

Butterscotch Pudding ($13.90)

Bill for 5 people $370.30 minus $200 voucher = $170.30

Messy hands from eating crab

Weekend drink special menu

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Sara (Belly Rumbles) said...

Okay, you may have messy hands after eating the crab, but wow you look so so happy :)

Both the scallops and tuna look delicious & I can see why they would be a fave. Not keen on the anchovy fillets draped over the caesar salad, to me they should just be adding flavour to the dressing not a star attraction.

Sounds like a lovely meal with the family.

Joseph - Up For A Feed said...

I don't mind getting messy to eat some nice crab!

Love the look of those scallop's!!!

Dolly said...

u looks so happy :) i want to try singapore crabs!

too bad ken cant eat seafood :(

sugarpuffi said...

omg that scallop looks so delicious. can u believe that i never tried singapore chilli crab before? i feel missed out.

Cath said...

I think every single one of my favourite all-time dishes was in this blog entry!! Yum!!!

Simon Leong said...

hi sara, hehe you're right i was pretty happy. i'm a fan of the anchovy fillets for a caesar and these ones were good quality and not those really hard salty ones.

hi joseph, you'll have to try the scallops if you get a chance although i would have loved if they were a bit larger in size.

hi dolly, that means more for you i guess :-)

hi sugarpuffi, you'll have to try it soon one day.

hi cathy, sounds like Kingsleys is the place for you to visit then :-)

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