01 November 2011

Social Experiment: What will you be having for lunch on 11.11.11, Hyde Park Sydney (1 Nov 2011)

Twitter hashtag: #shootmylunch

I want to photograph your lunch

In 11 days it will be the 11 November 2011 aka 11.11.11 which will be one very special date in history. To commemorate this day I want to do a photographic shoot of anyone that wants to have a portrait photo of themselves with their lunch. I'm proposing the location to be in Hyde Park for 1 hour between 12 noon and 1 pm — hopefully it won't rain on that day. The location I'm proposing is pretty much in the center of Hyde Park. Enter via the central stairs from Park Street facing North. I think the trees will act as a nice background and will also provide some nice shaded light. I'm happy to photograph just myself, 10 people, 100 people or even 1000 people — the more the better. Anyone can be part of this event as long you're happy for your photo to be posted and shared on this blog and you must be holding your lunch or something you can eat. After the event my aim is to upload all the photos on the blog and Facebook so you can have and share. It would have been cool to start photographing at 11.11:11 am but it's a bit too early for lunch and too close to Remembrance Day at 11 am on 11 November.

Date: 11 November 2011
Time: 12 noon til 1 pm
Where: Hyde Park, northern side above central steps on Park St
What: Get your FREE portrait photo taken with your lunch to commemorate the special day in history
BYO: Lunch and Smile
Why: Because 11.11.11 will never happen again — spread the word!

Location test shot — pray for good weather

Proposed location
Above the central stairs entrance on Park Street into Hyde Park facing North


Richard Elliot said...

Crazy yet cool idea Simon!

I was thinking this morning about Remembrance Day 11:00 11.11.11, as you say is only going to happen once.

Lou said...

Awesome idea, I like the social experiment aspect of it. Shame I don't work/lunch in the city, otherwise I'd bring a bunch of people. Looking forward to seeing the results - good luck!

JasmyneTea said...

I would SO come, except I work in Auburn and can't make a break there :( It will be great though, I know it!

joey@FoodiePop said...

Great idea Simon, but impossible for people who don't work in the CBD or surrounds. A shame it's a Thursday. I hope you get a nice group of people!

Ayden @ Himalayan Salt said...

I promise I'll not do a BigMac.

Simon Leong said...

hi richard, crazy idea indeed but someone has to do it hehe hope to see u there if you have a chance to pop by.

hi lou, that's a shame you don't work in the city. feel free to email to other friends of your that might be interested to get their photo taken.

hi jasmynetea, perhaps other bloggers could do satellite events of the same thing? or perhaps email me a photo of yourself with your lunch on the day and i'll include :-)

hi joey, i know. perhaps i should take the whole day off and travel around the city at different times :-) but i know i won't have the time nor energy for that. send me a photo of yourself and lunch and i can include.

hi ayden, Big Mac are OK if that's what you want to be photographed with. actually that might be a good one for me ;-) — i still need to decide what i'm going to have that day for lunch. oysters would be nice!

Anonymous said...

hey thats good idea to celebrate my birthday !!!!!!

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, that's a great birthday date. if you some down during lunch perhaps bring a cupcake to get photographed with?

Chanel said...

Brilliant idea! I'll bring my lunch to be photographed on the day, and will see if I can bring a couple of friends from work too :-)

Simon Leong said...

hi chanel, great, see you then. invite as many friends as you like. all will be photographed. could even do a group shot of you all.

Jessica said...

Good work, I'm really into 11.11 and have been looking forward to tomorrow for around 15 years now (loser I know) - anybody know of any big screen antics or celebrations taking place at the turn of 11.11 - am keen to see all those ones on a big digital screen!

Simon Leong said...

hi jessica, i never even would have thought about this date a year ago although I do remember 10.10.10. you much be looking forward to 12.12.12 too :-)

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