29 November 2011

Bondi's Best: Seafood, Fish and Chips, North Bondi (14 Nov 2011)

Shop 1, 39-53 Campbell Parade, North Bondi NSW 2026

Potato scallops a crispy winner

I think if you've got the nerve to name your fish and chip shop 'Bondi's Best' then you're setting yourself up for a fall but they must be doing something right with an impressive 97% liked with 38 reviews on Urbanspoon. With local support taking advantage of the few windows seats available it's certainly a place more set up for take away — especially when you can't use the outside tables after 8 pm due to current council restrictions on some nights. I'm pretty picky when it comes to fish and chips and this place seems to be doing it quite well. Firstly the service remained friendly while taking my order during a busy dinner rush. The Potato scallops ($4.40) were thin and crispy, maybe a little too thin if that's possible but I'd definitely have again. The Salt & Pepper gluten free cuttle fish ($12.90) had a fair chilli kick and was tender although the salad went a bit wilted with the heat so I think if separated would have been better. Beer battered fish, prawns, chips and tartare sauce ($12.90) was cooked well and decently sized. It included two prawns of decent size and were thankfully deveined properly. The Steam greens ($5) were a surprising highlight for me of broccoli, snow peas and beans which had retained their crunch factor. It also helped to counteract all the fat. Bondi's Best is certainly a cut above your average fish and chip shop which seems to know how to cook to please. I think I first read about this place on the Damn Fine Food blog which inspired me to check it out.

PROS: Service was friendly during busy time (hopefully it's always like that), Interesting menu including sushi, Quality produce, Nice thin batter, Prawns were deveined
CONS: A bit more expensive but it's quality, Very limited seating which seems a bit cramped
MUST TRY: Potato scallops, Inside rolls next time
DAMAGE: $37.20 for two

Beer battered fish, prawns, chips & tartare sauce ($12.90), Potato scallops ($4.40)

Potato scallops ($4.40) — crispy, thin, perhaps a little thicker might be good

Beer battered fish


Salt & pepper gluten free cuttle fish with chilli, sundried tomatoes & basil ($12.90) — calamari was tender although salad goes a bit wilted with the heat

Steamed greens ($5) — crispness retained, nice flavour

Water ($2)

Bill $37.20 for two

Menu plus check out their specials board

Fresh fish display

Kitchen and menu board

Opening hours

Toilet pretty clean and available through the side entrance door


Richard Elliot said...

Looks good. I should check this place out and compare it to my recent trip to Mongers, also in Bondi.

Pete said...

Great place... Surprising it too so long for a good fish and chip place to come to North Bondi! Ps it's called Bondi Best as the owner's last name is Best... I asked last time I was in as I was curious as well!

Craig @ Damn Fine Food said...

Glad you managed to get there.

I like the place, but haven't managed to get back there yet. Sometimes it's a pity that there are so many good food options in Sydney as there are more than enough different places to try!

joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Haven't had a decent potato scallop in yonks!

Sara - Belly Rumbles said...

I love the look of those potato scallops!

Simon Leong said...

hi richard, i think i actually remember going to fish mongers many years ago. quite gourmet there too if i remember correctly.

hi pete, a great name to have. i always thought it was because they thought they were the best. perhaps they are.

hi craig, definitely so many places to try and it keeps expanding every week. would be a great local fish and chip shop for those who live north bondi

hi joey, see what you think of these ones if you get a chance to try. you get about 4-5 in the serve so a good one for sharing.

hi sara, if i was passing by again i'd probably order the potato scallops again. a lot different to the thick ones i used to get when i was a kid.

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