06 November 2011

Eat Drink Blog Conference 2011: Uniting bloggers from around Australia, Sydney (5 Nov 2011)

Blogging community unite again

From all accounts it seems the Eat Drink Blog Conference, now in its second year, was a huge success in the eyes of the attendees I spoke to. The Twitter hastag #eatdrinkblog2011 also reached an Australian trending status when I logged in during the afternoon which was good to see. Due to another event I was unable to apply to attend the conference but I managed to drop by after the dinner at Kingsleys Steak and Crabhouse to meet a few familiar and friendly faces venturing off to the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel for some post conference drinks. It was also nice to meet some new blogger faces that had travelled interstate to attend the event. I look forward to seeing video footage and blog posts of what happened at the conference including seminars on Legal, SEO, Monetising and Ethics. I hope the event was inspirational to all that were lucky enough to attend.

The conference comes to a close

Happy conference bloggers after a long day, Sugarpuffi (right)

Post conference drinks at Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel

Michael Gall (right) from My Aching Head talking politics

Perth bloggers Food Endeavors of the Blue Apocalypse (left) and The Kitchen Crusader (centre) meet Canberra blogger (right) meet Zoolander

Misslollylovesfood.com (left) and Tammi Jonas (right) from Tammi Tasting Terroir

Sandra (left) from The $120 Food Challenge in good company with Lauren (right) from Corridor Kitchen


Dolly said...

yay us .. lovely meeting you simon!

could you please link us :)





hahaha putting my newly acquired skills to good use :):)


Ashley said...

Aww, I must have left a bit before you arrived, was much too tired to continue on partying! I have a woeful stamina! Great pics of the group though, it's so wonderful to have the opportunity to be able to meet everybody!

Sandra said...

Hey Simon, so lovely to meet you last night - such exciting events for you headed your way at year's end!

Though I have a feeling the I left the party too early...

Lau@corridorkitchen said...

Hi Simon. great to meet you, hope to get involved in your project this Friday.

You can link me too if you like, my blog is www.corridorkitchen.com.

PS the Perth bloggers are The Kitchen Crusader (http://thekitchencrusader.blogspot.com/) and Food Endeavors of the Blue Apocalypse (http://www.blueapocalypse.com/).

Ayden @ Himalayan Salt said...

Awesome photos guys!

sugarpuffi said...

naww thats me!

Food Wine Sleep said...

hey guys when is the next event on? Missed out on this one

Simon Leong said...

hi dolly, thanks for the links. very helpful.

hi ashley, i believe it was a pretty long day for everyone. hopefully will catch you next time.

hi sandra, i reckon you put a good innings in staying as long as you did. longer than others anyway as not everyone came to the post drinks you know.

hi lau, thanks for the links. was nice to meet you.

hi ayden, were you in any of the photos?

hi sugarpuffi, it sure is. good to catch up with you again.

hi food wine sleep, hopefully it'll happen again next year. not sure which city it'll be in though. was melbourne last year.

jeanne@thehungryduck said...

Hi Simon :) Thanks for the link

Simon Leong said...

hi jeanne, no worries. hope you had a great time at the conference and found it inspiring.

Anonymous said...

I missed the conference too :( Looks like you had a lovely catch-up afterwards.

Simon Leong said...

hi lateraleating, let's hope it's on again next year :-)

the kitchen crusader said...

such an amazing event! well done to all the organisers... and great pics, Simon!

Simon Leong said...

hi the kitchen crusader, glad you had a good time :-)

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