11 November 2011

Social Experiment: #shootmylunch to commemorate 11.11.11, Hyde Park Sydney (11 Nov 2011)

Twitter hashtag: #shootmylunch

11 lunches unite for the 11.11.11

A big thank you to everyone that managed to find the time to visit me in Hyde Park between 12 noon til 1 pm today to have their photograph taken with their lunch. Your photo is now recorded as part of the Simon Food Favourites social experiment for the special day of 11 November 2011. I hope to do something similar next year on the 12 December 2012 aka 12.12.12 at 12 noon — I wonder if I'll get 12 people for it too. Mark in your diaries now. My lunch today was from Boom Banana which I think make a pretty good chicken schnitzel sandwich. Morning tea was from Caffé Due Mondi at around 11.11 am just to add a few more special elevens to my day. It was certainly an eventful day for me which now comes to an end as I blog post this at 11.11 pm. You can never have too many Legs Elevens in your life.

First shot of the day at 11.11 am with my Raisin Toast & Hot Chocolate ($5) from Caffé Due Mondi

Location arrival 12 noon

Location waiting shots

First arrivals for #shootmylunch arrive with Boom Banana and Rolls on Oxford sandwiches

Chanel (left) from CatsLoveCooking with friends arrive as second wave with Iku and Gomez & Guzman

Dolly from Cupcakiedolly arrives with a pork roll from Hunter Connection

Richard Elliot from Richard Elliot's Blog arrives with his home cooked pasta

Don't forget the 11 November is Remembrance Day

Two friendly randoms enjoying their fruit juices from Chifley Plaza — thanks for making the total number of people 11 for the 11.11.11 — Legends!

A few lunch closeups

Above the central stairs entrance on Park Street into Hyde Park facing North


joey@FoodiePop said...

You got 11 people? So cool! :-)

Richard Elliot said...

The random social experiments are what make Sydney fun!

Dolly said...

lovely having lunch with you simon.. maybe we could try more of Jamie's Kitchen soon.. since its close to us .. :)

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, i like how it ended up being 11 people. very cool indeed.

hi richard, hopefully more to come.

hi dolly, a visit to Jamie's Italian sounds good

Anonymous said...

Great photo shoot, I completely forgot. Guess I'll have to wait til 12.12.12.

Simon Leong said...

hi lateraleating, pity you missed it. 12.12.12. will have to be the next one i reckon.

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