19 November 2011

'How to peel a hard-boiled egg in less than ten seconds' by blowing it out of its shell (13 Nov 2011)

A mind blowing eggsperience

Are you an eggspert in peeling a hard-boiled egg?

I love discovering crazy sounding techniques that solve a mundane task like How to peel garlic in less than ten seconds. This time while checking out the ecoeggs ChookCam I spotted on their blog a video about Peeling an egg just boil and blow. The video has since be taken down but a copy of it exists here for now. I also found this video of someone who didn't quite get it right but it definitely worked for me. And the video by Tim Ferriss is pretty good too. You have to make sure you blow pretty hard and there probably shouldn't be any gaps inside for it to work. Just crack a hole in each side of the egg and blow it out from one of the ends.

Other handy kitchen techniques discovered:
13 Nov 2011 - How to peel a hard-boiled egg in less than ten seconds
5 Oct 2011 - How to peel garlic in less than ten seconds

Copy of original video

A failed attempt

How to instructional video by Tim Ferriss

PROS: Simple technique that saves time and effort, Should work with any chicken egg but probably not an emu egg or quail egg
CONS: Other people might not appreciate you using this technique on their egg, You need to blow pretty hard
MUST TRY: Making my own video and finding more crazy simple techniques

Start with a hard boiled egg

Crack the shell off one end

Then crack the shell off the other end

Hold in your hand and blow hard — egg will pop out

Hard boiled egg ready to eat

Remains of shell

ecoeggs packaging

ecoeggs are certified free range and antibiotic free


Vivian - vxdollface said...

lol would be gross with all the germs if you're blowing it for guests! my method is kinda quick too:
once the egg is boiled
dunk into a bowl w/ cold running water from the tap or in a bowl w/ icecubes
after about 20sec take the egg out
tap in the center around the circumference
hold each end and pull shell
egg comes out in one go :)

Laura a.k.a rah said...

This has blown my mind! Thnk I'll have egg sandwiches for lunch today so I have an excuse to boil some eggs :)

Simon Leong said...

hi vivian, i'll definitely have to try that technique too. can you make a video for me :-)

hi laura, it blew my mine too when i first saw it. i had to try the next day. be sure to get someone to video you when you try. i'll add to the blog if you do :-)

Gourmet Getaways said...

LOL!! I saw the you tube of this about twelve months ago and thought I should give it ago and never have. Thanks for reminding me, I really must try this method and Vivians too :)

Epicurious de Furious said...

I can't get enough Calcium in my diet with early onset of Osteoporosis, so I always eat boiled eggs with the shell.

Epicurious de Furious said...

Due to early onset of Osteoporosis I can never get enough Calcium, so I always eat my boiled eggs with the shell.

Anonymous said...

I saw the video that was posted in Serious Eats last week and thought it was a good idea until I realised the saliva factor when someone else is peeling the eggs for you.

Simon Leong said...

hi gourmet getaways, hope it works for you. let me know.

hi epicurious de furious, i've never eaten eggs with the shell. i didn't even know you could. that must be very crunchy for you.

hi lateraleating, definitely a technique for just your own eggs :-)

Anonymous said...

That's amazing, must try it next time I'm boiling eggs!

sugarpuffi said...

my technique is to roll while pressing the egg on a hard surface like a bench top until the shell is all cracked. it peels off like a mandarin!

Simon Leong said...

hi justachef, hope it works for you.

hi sugarpuffi, i haven't tried your technique but will give it a go next time

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