01 November 2011

Happy Halloween Weekend: Piñata bashing kids, Hawaiian fancy dress and Zombie walks in Sydney (31 Oct 2011)

Dress ups for the young and old

Sydney certainly seems to be gaining an accepting interest in Halloween each year but we're still a fair way off on how the USA goes over the top, especially when it comes to fancy dress. I fondly remember visiting Hawaii in 2010 where the main street of Waikiki became a free for all party central of 1000s of amazing costumes — still some of the best I've ever seen. A small army of five green soliders at the ATM was unbeatable followed closely by the creepy masked puppet on a tricycle from the SAW movie. This year was filled with a scary visit to a household full of kids hyped up on sugar, twirling sticks with surprising strength at a defenseless piñata in the backyard. I've never seen kids so determined to get to the lollies that they knew were inside. The Sydney Zombie Walk was also on Saturday which had an impressive turn out of a very scary and devoted entourage that brought Elizabeth Street to a stand still.

Boo — now eat me! Yummy chocolate cake.

Cupcakes complete with spiders

Food for the picking

Tasty ribs of massive proportions — hope it's not human

Halloween decor

Complete with a black cat

Piñata bashing time

A successful hit brings screams of joy for lollies

Witch greeting and Pumpkin piñata

Aussie tradition — beers in a bucket

Halloween in Hawaii
Green army soliders hold up ATM — best costume ever!!!

SAW puppet on tricycle

Lots of great costumers

Sydney Zombie Walk 2011

Check out more photos and video of Sydney Zombie Walk 2011


Vivian - vxdollface said...

omg those green army soldiers are effing amazing!

Simon Leong said...

hi vivian, i know. bloody freaking amazing!

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