24 December 2008

Pre-Christmas Sydney Fish Markets shopping at midnight - 23 Dec 2008

Visited: 11.30 pm 23 Dec – 12.15 am 24 Dec 2008
Pyrmont Bridge Road, Pyrmont, Sydney

Midnight Seafood Shopping

If you want the best choice of seafood for Christmas then you can't really go past Sydney Fish Markets. Best to take advantage of their 24 hour pre-Christmas shopping in the middle of the night. Midnight is still very busy but the alternative during the daytime would be massive chaos of crowds and no parking. Here's a few things I've picked up for the family Christmas lunch this year.

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23 Dec 2008 – Pre-Christmas Shopping

XL Green King Prawns $29.99/kg for homemade prawn cutlets

Large Sydney Rock Oysters $16.90/dozen. Unfortunately my preferred Coffin Bay and St Helens weren't readily available.

Yarra Valley Salmon Roe $23.99/100g to top oysters with squeeze of lemon

Hervey Bay Scallops $19.99/dozen to be topped with garlic, white wine, tomato and basil recipe from Good Living

Pont L'Eveque French cheese $89.90/kg (bought $13 piece), it's French and expensive so that means it's good, right?

Fetta Stuffed Gourmet Olives $42.90/kg

Moroccan Spiced Green Olives $29.90/kg


Anonymous said...

that many people midnight shopping!? wow thats crazy! hope you have an awesome christmas dude!

Annie said...

Ooh, I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your Christmas meal! Hope you have a great day!

OohLookBel said...

You are brave in visiting the fish markets. Just went past on the bus and it looks packed! Have a happy Christmas!

Simon Leong said...

Hi chocolatesuze, xmas shopping at midnight is like visiting a normal Saturday rush for the Sydney Fish Markets.

Hi Annie, I'll be sure to take photos of the Christmas lunch spread.

Hi Belle, yes brave and perhaps a little stupid hehe. But I would never go during the day, it would be too stressful and horrific.

Anonymous said...

Seafood look fresh! it is said that Sydney FM is the 2nd biggest in Asia or in world, 1st is Tsukiji. my Aussie friend said that she had never heard about it. Well, it was not so big that i expected but it was good experieice visiting there.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow I never knew it got so busy during xmas :S why is that?

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