14 January 2009

North's Complete Sandwich, Sydney (14 Jan 2009)

Shop 1a, 2 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Big Queues, Big Sandwiches

It's been quite a while since I've visited North's and it looks like they've had a change of management with the little Italian nonnas that used to pile all the lettuce and tomato onto the thick slices of bread been mostly replaced with Asian ladies. The fillings station seems to be alot more organised and less haphazard too and the sandwich makers seem to make up the sandwiches with a bit more care as well.

These sandwiches are huge and I generally start to feel my jaw ache half-way through the second half from all the bread chewing. I think you could comfortably share one between two but I like the challenge of trying to finish it. Get there early to avoid the long queues.

Other big sandwich shops:
Big Bite on Pitt - Pitt Street, 6 Oct 2009
Olive Italian Food Bar - Strand Arcade, 14 July 2009
North's Complete Sandwich - Bridge Street, 14 Jan 2009
Little Vienna - MLC Centre Pitt Street, 12 Jan 2009

Veal Schnitzel on multigrain sourdough (30 cents extra) with lemon chive mayo, roma tomatoes, mixed lettuce and North's dressing $8.80

The lineup which I've seen go up the stairs

I'm Starvin! lineup across the other side of arcade also very popular for sandwiches

The food arcade entrance

The size of my sandwich wrapped in foil

The slices of bread are usually cut about 2 fingers thick. Lots of crust for putting hairs your chest!

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Anonymous said...

Hey so compared with Lil Vienna which are better? I've seen Lil Vienna many times but I am not usually in the city for lunchtime :( Must find a day to venture out there!

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