15 July 2009

The Olive Italian Food Bar, Sydney (14 July 2009)

Shop 18, Strand Arcade
193-195 Pitt Street Mall, Sydney NSW 2000

Super Sized Salad Sandwich

OK, this is possibly the biggest salad sandwich in Sydney if not Australia? I always thought the salad in the Tempeh Burger from Hole In The Wall was very generous but it now pales in comparison to this monster muncher. I've previously enjoyed the No. 2 Chicken Schnitzel which is also very generous in size but thought I'd try the fried zucchini with some salad for something different and a bit lighter. Little did I know you get a mountain of salad — I couldn't believe my eyes when I watched it being made. I thought where's my bowl and fork while trying to eat it. I really love the fried zucchini they make here. Choose your time wisely when visiting because it gets very popular and I've often seen long lines queuing outside the door.

Other big sandwich shops:
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Olive Italian Food Bar - Strand Arcade, 14 July 2009
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Fried Zucchini, Salad, Swiss Cheese, Mayonnaise on Turkish Bread $8.70

Menu board

Shop front

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Anita said...

Thanks for letting me know about this place - it looks like a great price for such a huge tasty sandwich.... good to remember next time I go shopping in Pitt Street Mall.

Rilsta said...

WHOA! That is one monster salad sandwich!! Could you actually fit it into your mouth?! :)

marieeats said...

Ooh i want to try the salad sandwich now. I love their salmon sandwich, the brown bread they use is yummy =)

TinaK said...

The Olive is the best place in Sydney to get a sandwich. I always make a point of visiting there when I come home. Ricotta, avocado and salad on a brown roll for me thanks!

Simon Leong said...

Hi Anita, it's in a handy spot for a lunch spot stop

Hi Rilsta, actually I had to nibble at it. it's way too big to fit in the mouth

Hi marieeats, I'll have to remember to try their salmon sandwich next time, thanks for the recommendation

Hi TinaK, sounds like a good healthy combination

Anonymous said...

The meatball sandwich from here is the KING of sandwiches. Low on health, but high on taste and substance. You should probably only eat half !? But you never do.

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, thanks for the suggestion. sounds like every sandwich they make is HUGE. i always challenge myself to eat it all but i think i suffer later trying to digest it all :-)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened to Olive, it is now a pastry shop! It changed a few weeks back, does anyone know if it moved?

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, thanks for the tip. i better go and check this out and see what's in it's place if it's no longer there. Olive made some really good sandwiches so i'd be curious to know where it's gone if in fact it's no longer in The Strand Arcade.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately they shutdown as the strand did not want to renew their lease.

As far as I am aware they told me on the last day they would not be reopening.

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, wow that's crazy stuff. i wonder why. that's such a shame they have now gone. but sweet infinity are making some yummy cakes in their place now. http://simonfoodfavourites.blogspot.com/2010/05/sweet-infinity-new-shop-replaces-olive.html thanks for the tip off about the store change :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the picture of the menu board. Ever since it closed down I've been trying to recapture their meatball sandwiches without any success. I will have to attempt this at home.

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