05 June 2009

Tramezzini Espresso: AMP Centre, Sydney (5 June 2009)

Foyer level, 50 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000

A favourite food recommendation by a friend brings me back again the next day to try it at this popular office building foyer café. Sitting in the counter display it didn't look that interesting but when toasted and served cut in half it looked more interesting and appetizing with the layers of colours and the egg sliced perfectly in half. I was expecting a more runny egg but this would have probably made it quite messy to eat. The ingredients were fresh and came with a small amount of tomato salsa. While eating it I thought some yummy mayonnaise around the lettuce and tomato would have worked well. The prosciutto was quite light and seemed less fatty than if bacon was used. I noticed the unflustered service is always quick and they promptly keep the dining tables clean.

Other visits to Tramezzini Espresso:

Crispy prosciutto and poached egg cantina roll with lettuce and tomato $6.50. Counter display says $6/takeaway $7/eat in, so not sure how I got it for $6.50 — perhaps good looks hehe :-)

Counter display of sandwiches and cakes


Betty said...

omg. look at that perfectly sliced egg! yum yum!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

haha...yeah $6.50 for good look :D

you post so many places, I still have no time to try any yet.. lots of sandwiches and the Bacco is the must place to follow.. wish got chance to go soon

K said...

AMAZING how the egg is perfectly sliced and not falling out!

Obesebaby said...

Just went there at lunch, saw another cafe near by call Cafe chocola, heaps of people and alot of sweets too...wonder if its anygood

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi betty, i've got no idea how they do it so well.

hi bean sprout's cafe, there's just too many places in sydney to try but at least we know they're there when we have time to visit.

hi k, it's a mystery but perhaps a very sharp knife helps.

hi obesebaby, i went past the cafe chocola this week downstairs of the AMP building in the food court. it looks like a general food court coffee shop with premade cakes and sweets similiar to bonbon around the corner of the same food court. i don't think they make the cakes themselves but buy them in. i can't imagine they would be anything special though compared to places like Bacco, Central Baking Depot and Sweet Infinity in the city.

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