21 June 2009

Kuleto's Cocktail Bar, Newtown (19 June 2009)

157 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042

2 for 1 Happy Hour Cocktails

Kuleto's has been a long standing favourite for many patrons and three floors of seating can quickly fill up during Happy Hour times and tonight is no exception. I fondly remember the Red Corvette cocktail which is Midori, Frangelico and strawberry liqueur blended with fresh strawberries and crushed ice but tonight I order the Long Island Ice Tea which is amongst my favourites because of it's lethal content.

The Long Island Ice Tea cocktails used to be served in tall milkshake style tumblers but now are just in smaller glasses. They still have the kick in them so I guess there's just less ice and coke filler and perhaps helps with increased turnover. I suspect outside happy hour times the bar staff devote more time on preparing the cocktails and adding garnishes. The Kamikaze was quite refreshing with the lemon & lime juice but I found the Fuzzy Berries and Toffee Apple cocktails a bit too overpowered by the cranberry juice used in them.

Which favourite bar makes the best cocktails for you?

Long Island Ice Tea: 5 white spirits over ice and topped with fresh squeezed lime shells & cola, $17 (2 for 1 Happy Hour)

Kamikaze: Vodka & Triple Sec shaken with lemon & lime juice, $14 (2 for 1 Happy Hour)

Fuzzy Berries: Vodka Peach Schnapps shaken with cranberry juice, $14 (2 for 1 Happy Hour)

Toffee Apple: Butterscotch Liqueur and Triple Sec shaken with Cranberry Juice and Apple Juice, $14 (2 for 1 Happy Hour)

Ground floor bar counter

Ground floor seating

Stairwell to level 1 and 2

Bar and seating on level 1

Seating area on level 2

Happy Hour cocktail menu
Monday-Friday 6-7:30 pm, Saturday 6-7 pm


Stella Diver said...

Yummy cocktails! What about what you ate later that night? Pastizzzzzzzi!

squishies said...

I love Kuleto's! I don't normally drink alcohol, but they have a tendency to make superb cocktails that I can't help but get tipsy on.

My absolute favourite is their Lotus Chill.

Anonymous said...

Haha who doesn't love long island ice teas and their 7 shots of goodness and 2 for 1 bargainnn!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

The cocktails look great! Good to hear that they're just as potent and still have the kick during happy hour :)

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