19 June 2009

Pocket Bar: New Small Bar, Darlinghurst (18 June 2009)

13 Burton Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

New Melbourne-type small bar in Sydney!

Once you enter through the heavy glass metal doors you soon realise this bar is very different in a good way. Having only opened last Friday this small and cosy bar has attracted a very decent sized crowd on this wet and cold night. The charismatic co-owner Karl swiftly moves amongst the bar collecting empty glasses, attending to crêpe orders and serving drinks effortlessly while keeping a cheery smile on his face. Christophe the other co-owner looks confident and relaxed behind the bar attending to the very mixed-wannabe-inner-city-model-like-indie-grunge-artistic-disposal-income-crowd.

This bar is by far the most Melbourne-laneway-type small bar I've come across in Sydney which the new Liquor licensing laws have encouraged in Sydney as described in TimeOut Sydney. The very bold and graphic wall treatments by artist Steve Gollow along with the thrifty eBay purchased lounges of varying styles certainly captures the true creative essence and inspiration of what a small bar can be created from. Couch purchases included a set for only $1, a magnificent wooden framed red couch set from an Indian family for $500 and others from a Lebanese and Croatian family around Sydney.

The glass top bar counter filled with random objects is somewhat tacky yet so cool and clever because of it's simplicity. Shelves of books to read, rustic finishes, reasonably priced crêpes (yet to try), great music, interesting crowd and fine wines by the glass is a winning formula which I'm sure will make this bar a huge success. Check it out soon before it becomes too popular and isn't as 'cool' anymore. Other small bar gems around Sydney I've enjoyed are Sticky Bar in Surry Hills and Madame Fling Flong in Newtown.

What's your favourite small bar in Sydney?

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Heavy door — push hard!

Pick a different couch each time you visit — red one is my favourite!

Bold wall graphics

Books to read

Random objects displayed at the bar counter

Cute small side table

Crêpe menu boards


Food and drinks menu — The NV Freixenet Spanish Cava for $7/glass was very nice.

Look out for the white lines on the wall which show where the previous house walls used to be

'Nieghbours' — it's sooo cool you don't even need to spell correctly.

Smokers taking shelter outside in the rain


Howard said...

Mate, fantastic find. This is the type of stuff I found in Tokyo, I miss it!

getmeashovel said...

Well, I went to Pocket last Friday night. It was very depressing, to see the staff and owners staring at the door waiting for custom. Unfortunately the atmosphere and attitudes matched that of a failed business. Obviously some unfortunate decisions were made here.

Simon Leong said...

hi howard, seems to be more and more small bars happening these days

hi getmeashovel, thanks for the update. i wonder if it's just a slow night? timeout sydney gave it a mention this week in their awards. there's more and more small bars happening so competition will soon be fierce :-)

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