03 June 2009

Chat Thai: The Galleries Victoria, Sydney (3 June 2009)

Shop 5, Lower Ground, Food Avenue, The Galeries Victoria
500 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

I've only realised today after visiting for years that this place is called Chat Thai and is one of four places they have around Sydney. Their food court eatery is always popular during lunch time and I've sometimes had to wait about 15 minutes for my dish to be cooked but today my usual order of chicken fried rice is ready in about 5 minutes to my surprise. I always prefer to drizzle a bit of the chilli/fish sauce/soy sauce mixture on it and combined with a good squeeze of the lemon wedge makes for a very tasty meal. I believe they also make quite a garlic infused green papaya salad if your clear of meetings.

Other visits to Chat Thai:
29 April 2011 - Kana Moogrob, Duck Noodle Soup
3 June 2009 - Chicken Fried Rice
4 June 2009 - Boat Noodle Soup with Pork, Som Tum: Green Papaya Salad

Fried rice with chicken $6.90

Pick your preferred condiment to top your dish

Counter service

Food court dining area

Downstairs entrance via Pitt Street

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Forager said...

Ah - cool, I didn't know there were other Chat Thai outlets other than the one across from Capitol Theatre - good to know!

Anna said...

i've been eating here since 2002 and was lucky enough to make friends with the owner all those years ago. she is lovely and their food is awesome!

try their rich, dark "boat soup" with noodles and crackling (not on the menu but certainly on offer). i adore it and have been eating it for 7 years, but only just found out 2 weeks ago what's it's made out of. some things are better left a mystery.

taste it first, then i'll tell you :)

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi forager, that's the one i knew of too plus came across the one in randwick also.

hi anna, thanks for the tip. i actually saw someone with that today, spotted the crackling on top. i might actually check it out for lunch tomorrow then. if your around you might spot me photographing it.

flapflap said...

Cool, do they have the super yummy desserts like the Capitol Theatre outlet??

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi flipflap, i did spot some desserts in containers on the counter.

Mythreyi Dilip said...

your above image has been plagiarized here

Simon Leong said...

hi Mythreyi Dilip, thank you for bringing to my attention. i have contacted them about their infringement of copyright. well spotted.

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