25 June 2009

The Local Taphouse: Beer, Darlinghurst (13 June 2009)

122 Flinders Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010
(Corner of South Dowling and Flinders)

Boutique beers on tap

A recent blog post by I Am Obsessed with Food reminded me I had forgotten to blog my own experience of this new kid on the block which I remember used to be the Palace Hotel. The renovations have changed it a lot and upstairs now reminds me more of a quirky yet funky Melbourne-style bar. I arrived late for some farewell drinks so missed out on ordering food but tried one of the many International beers on tap. Those who did order some meals for dinner said that the food was very good so I hope to revisit to try.

If you love your boutique beers then this place might be for you. Downstairs was really crowded, loud and chaotic when arriving around 11 pm on the Saturday night but upstairs was a lot more relaxed and chilled out by then with plenty of seats available.

Do you have a favourite beer?

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1 comment:

YaYa said...

Current favourite beer is Monteith's Enlivening Summer Ale - Honey Spiced. You can find it at Dan Murphys. Not a major beer drinker but this one has definitely won me over, very Belgian in style.

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