15 June 2009

Impress Cafe: Turkish, Auburn (12 June 2009)

31-35 Queen Street, Auburn NSW 2144
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I really enjoy visiting different suburbs around Sydney, especially if they are generally known for particular ethnic communities and hence hopefully for more authentic cultural food and prices eg Cabramatta for Vietnamese, Petersham for Portuguese, Haberfield for Italian, Kingsford for Indonesian and today Auburn for Turkish.

The Impress Cafe sits under the Gima Supermarket and the kofte was highly recommended to me by a Turkish friend. After perusing the menu I'm keen to try the mixed plate so I get to try a few things. It comes with fresh salad, bread and some rice which has chickpeas in it. The dish is like a meat lovers BBQ and all the meats are tasty and tender. I'm a huge fan of lamb cutlets so this was my favourite meat marinated with delicious spices. The dish is quite large so becomes my combined late breakfast and lunch and quite comfortably fills me up until a later dinner. I'd happily visit again to try other dishes including their Big Breakfast which seems to be only $9.

Cay (Turkish Tea) $2

Ayran yoghurt drink

Mixed Plate: 1 lamb, 1 chicken, 1 Adana shish, 1 lamb cutlet, 1 kofte, salad, rice and Turkish bread $18.50

Fresh salad with dressing

Rice with chickpeas

Chicken and lamb skewers

Adana shish (spiced minced meat skewers)

Lamb cutlet


Service counter and display

Chargrill menu

'Scrambeled eggs' ... is that Turkish for authentic scrambled eggs? :-)

Inside and outside dining


Jen (jenius.com.au) said...

I'm a regular at Auburn but have never dined here! Thanks for sharing -i'll be sure to visit soon :)

fran jelley said...

Excellent page! Keep up the good work, specially the eating part...

Simon Leong said...

hi jen, hopefully you'll get to it soon.

hi fran, plenty of eating for me that's for sure :-)

Anonymous said...

Great review I eat there often. The owners have recently opened a new wood fired restaurant up the road. It is no doubt the best restaurant both in menu and design in the area.

Simon Leong said...

hi Anonymous, i hope to return one day. thanks for the update.

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