22 July 2009

Max Brenner: Chocolate, Sydney (20 July 2009)

Shop MG 24, Metcentre, 273 George Street NSW 2000

Melted Chocolate ... MMMMM!

I've been wanting to check out this very large Max Brenner store for some time. It's the biggest one I've been to so far and such a contrast to the tiny one under David Jones. I order the dark Chocolat again and try the belgian waffle drizzled with melted chocolate. Sharing with a friend was enough for me although I'm sure I could finish one by myself. Next time I'd be very tempted to add some ice cream.

Other visits to Max Brenner:

Chocolat dark chocolate $5

Belgian waffle with milk chocolate $5.50

Dining area


Balcony seating

Watch, Smell, Taste and Feel


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

yes yes yes ! definitely have to add ice cream and strawberry.. It will make you a lot more surprise how good it is :D

Shants said...

Definitely add some strawberries at least. Can't say their icecream is best quality - a little too icy and not creamy but when there is so much melted chocolate who cares!

My fave drink there is the Dark Italian and I love asking them to give me one of those!

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