15 April 2010

Sushi e: Last week of $33 March Into Merivale Meals, Japanese, CBD Sydney (14 April 2010)

Level 4, 252 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Sushi without the train

This is the last week of the March Into Merivale $33 meal deals and I'm not exactly sure who sent me this March Into Merivale $33 voucher, but thank you, and today I chose Sushi e because I haven't been there before. I felt a little strange making a booking for one but once I arrived I was seated at one of the window tables in the corner which I was happy about because I then didn't stand out too much like a lonely 'no mates' diner. The restaurant is more suited to two or three people dining together so it's easy enough to eat their alone. I was kept company by the various pots of succulent plants. Chopsticks were disposable which at first took me by surprise as I would have thought such a classy and expensive place would have used real ones?

Sushi e has three menu choices and I remember liking the Spicy Salmon roll at the launch party so I chose the Dynamite roll (spicy tuna) inside out with nigiri selection of prawn, salmon, tuna, bonito, kingfish, snapper. I was hoping for a Sauvignon Blanc but the included white wine was Domaine Chandon Chardonnay 2008 which thankfully wasn't a heavily oaked one and was refreshing and light on the palate and complimented the sushi. To start the spinach goma ae salad was light and tasty with a fair amount of sesame seeds and I couldn't fault the miso soup. The dynamite roll was my favourite on the plate for texture and taste followed by the salmon which I always tend to enjoy over tuna and kingfish. I wasn't exactly sure which one was the bonito and snapper and got them confused with the white looking kingfish and orange looking salmon. To finish a Russian cream dessert was provided in a small shot glass with a spoon. It was very nice and like a light and smooth panna cotta with tasty strawberry coulis on top — not sure how a Russian dessert found it's way in a Japanese restaurant though.

The service was attentive and professional and seemed to make sure everyone was being looked after. I found the cushioned ottoman seats at the table a little too low for me which made them slightly uncomfortable when sitting for a while and I noticed if you sat at the tall seated bench it can be a little awkward to have enough room for your legs and to position them comfortably so perhaps keep this in mind.

Other visits to March Into Merivale:
14 April 2010 - Sushi e
12 March 2010 - est.

PROS: Freshly made sushi, Attentive and professional service, Clean flavours and quality ingredients
CONS: More expensive than a regular sushi train, Wouldn't suit large groups wanting to sit together, Seating can be a little uncomfortable depending on your height and where you sit
MUST TRY: Dynamite roll (spicy tuna) inside out, Russian cream dessert (possibly not a menu item)

$33 March Into Merivale menu

Table setting

Disposable chopsticks

Spinach goma ae salad

Miso soup

Dynamite roll (spicy tuna) inside out, nigiri selection of prawn, salmon, tuna, bonito, kingfish, snapper with a spinach goma ae salad $33

Dynamite roll (spicy tuna) inside out

Russian cream dessert

Domaine Chandon Chardonnay 2008

Screened window looks onto buildings

Sushi e seating

Succulent plants on window edge

Hemesphere entrance – Level 4

$33 voucher

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Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

Didn't you just go there for lunch yesterday? You are too quick to post =p

I don't like dining alone either... but I am sure the plants were happy to have your company ;)

Mmmm sushi...

Phuoc'n Delicious said...

You know what? I sat in that very corner when I was there last time! :)

I was able to go out once for the Merivale $33 dinner and I went to Sushi-E with a friend. The food that we had was marvellous! I had the miso cod while my friend ordered the beek tataki (this dish simply melted in my mouth - I'm craving for it now)

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi angie, i certainly did. i think i was tucked away out of sight enough to not feel too self conscious about being on my own :-)

hi phuoc, hehe that's funny. i reckon it's one of the better spots in the restaurant - i thought it had good feng shui :-) glad you enjoyed the food too.

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