08 September 2010

Espresso on York: Best value espresso coffee in Sydney (7 Sept 2010)

Cnr York & Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Cheapest good coffee in Sydney?

I first read about this tiny unassuming coffee kiosk on The Internet Chef and had the opportunity to check it out today after finishing my lunch from QVB Gourmet Seafood and noticing Bacco Wine Bar Pasticceria will soon be opening a new shop in the Queen Victoria Building. SMH Good Living mentions Espresso on York in their research article about Coffee Chains Stores and how Tony Diakis serves up an impressive 300 coffees a day. With no one waiting before me it only took him a minute or so to make my Cappuccino ($2/small) with one sugar which was pretty smooth with minimal bitterness and provided a decent depth of flavour throughout the cup and finished off with a slightly milky brew. For only $2 Tony sure makes a decent cup of coffee that I'd be happy to order again — I can't think of anywhere else that can make a decent espresso coffee for less.

If you're passing by and in need of a caffeine fix then give them a go and let me know what you think.

PROS: Very cheap, Decent coffee, Friendly and down-to-earth service
CONS: Potential delay when busy, No table seating available
MUST TRY: Hot chocolate next time to compare to Caffé Due Mondi

$2 coffees

Kiosk and customers

Menu prices

Tony making coffees

Just outside Queen Victoria Building

Business card

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Kristy Sayer said...

Wow that is really cheap! And I bet because of his low prices, he gets a lot of money and ends up making way more than his competitors. Smart guy!

Ladybird said...

Gosh that's incredibly good value.. Good thing I don't work in the city, otherwise I'd be well and truly addicted!

Louber said...

I catch my bus to Nth Sydney right down from here, and I've never tried the coffee! I'll have to do so tomorrow morning - thanks for the tip :D

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

I went there this morning after read your post. The cappuccino is nice, love the smooth milk froth. Tony remember u, I promise him I will send him your link :)

Cass said...

This is a fantastic idea to find the cheapest coffee in sydney. Go Simon. =D

I'm definately going to give this place a go since it's close to where I work.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi kristy, i think you're on to something there.

hi ladybird, i actually don't drink coffee too often so lucky for me too.

hi louber, let me know how it goes and if you enjoy the coffee.

hi bean sprout's cafe, thanks for trying it out and sending the link. glad to hear you enjoyed his coffee. a good place to know about for a cheap cuppa.

hi cass, let me know how you go with trying it. i did see a 7-Eleven on elizabeth st advertising coffee for $1 so i wonder what this would be like — my hopes wouldn't be too high. i might have to give it a go to compare :-)

foodwink said...

My office is very close to this kiosk - but it never crossed my mind to give it a go. You've given me a reason to.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi foodwink, let me know if you try and what you think. be sure to tell them I said hi. hopefully it might become your new cheap caffeine fix spot :-)

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