25 September 2010

Lee's Malaysian: Salt and Pepper Squid, Sydney (24 Sept 2010)

1a Hunter Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Thankfully pretty tender

The Chef's lunch time special of Salt and Pepper Squid with Fried Rice and Chicken and Corn Soup ($10) is perhaps not the best salt and pepper squid I've had but thankfully it's fairly tender and not rubbery. It has some taste but personally I prefer the crispy coating versions of Pho 236 in Newtown, Palace Chinese Restaurant in CBD Sydney and Golden Swallow in Gordon. The fried rice is probably just out of the bain marie as it's quite luke warm as well as the chicken and corn soup.

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PROS: Squid fairly tender, Generous portion, Seating available, Reasonable prices, Internal toilets available at the back, Efficient service
CONS: Fried rice and soup and bit lukewarm, A little slow on cleaning up the tables in the dining area
MUST TRY: Other menu items like the Char Kway Teow and Chicken Rice to compare

Salt and Pepper Squid with Fried Rice and Chicken and Corn Soup ($10)

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sara said...

Looks like a great place for a wedding reception. Wonderful aromas.



Simon Food Favourites said...

hi sara, now that's the strangest match up of a comment with a post i've ever seen. thanks for dropping by and advertising your website ;-)

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