05 October 2011

Shoot the Chef Exhibition Launch and VIP Shopping Event, Chifley Plaza, Sydney (4 Oct 2011)

2 Chifley Square, Sydney NSW 2000

Shoot the Photographer

I was excited to be invited to the Shoot the Chef exhibition launch although arriving with my rsvped name missing from the guest list was an awkward way to start the night. Eventually getting in, I was witness to guests being treated with a plentiful supply of Mr Mick wines, Singha Beer, San Pellegrino mineral water and many different canapes prepared by Bacco. The Scallop with celery and mint and Battered prawn canapes were probably my favourites except less batter on the prawns would have been welcomed. Arancini balls are always popular and easy to eat and there was a mystery fried vegetable shaped like a flat potato wedge which was also pretty good. I wasn't much of a fan of the Tuna tartare which just seemed a bit too heavy to eat and the Polenta canape had potential albeit a little messy on the hands to handle. The simplicity of the Grissini with cured meat was a crowd pleaser and the Marinated eggplant served in a spoon was better than expected. I didn't get a good chance to try the wines but didn't mind the glass of Blanc de Blanc I started with on arrival. Many of the chefs in the photos on display were to be seen amongst the crowd including fifties glamour icon Pia Anderson who I'm sure will fetch top dollar in the OzHarvest silent auction where you can purchase your favourite print and help out a worthwhile charity at the same time.

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PROS: Free food and drink, Exclusive discounts for shops on the night, Exhibition continues until 28 Oct so check it out
CONS: RSVP not appearing on the guest list even after plenty of email correspondence leading up to the event, Crowd acting like seagulls when food comes out
MUST TRY: Joining the Chifley e-newsletter if you haven't already to stay in touch with future events

My own 'shoot the chefs' from Bacco

Grissini canape

Polenta canape

Bresaola canape

Fried canape — can't remember what but it was nice

Tuna tartare canape

Salmon canape

Eggplant canape

Arancini canape

Prawn canape

Scallop canape with celery and mint

Mr Mick wines and Singha beer

Hayden Ellerton getting his photo taken (without a pig)

The 'I can do that too' shot

Ajoy Joshi from Nilgiri checking out his photo

Exhibition now open

Purchase your favourite print through silent auction, proceeds to OzHarvest. I think Pia in the kitchen will be a very popular choice

Plenty of guests

Musicians — from where I don't know?

Bacco in charge of the catering

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Vivian - vxdollface said...

found out what the mystery morsel was! they're made from chickpeas! great seeing you last night :)

Simon Leong said...

hi vivian, love your detective work. chickpea canape was nice. i think the waitress told me but I couldn't understand her Italian accent.

missklicious said...

Ahh looks like I missed out, I rsvp'ed but had class that night. The canapes look fantastic.

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