21 September 2010

Bacco: Wine Bar Pasticceria now open in QVB, Sydney (21 Sept 2010)

Shop 24-27, Level 2, Queen Victoria Building
455 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Bacco QVB now open!

With only it's second day of opening Bacco's new QVB location is already doing a steady trade of business. Apparently there's still plans for a large communal table, some finishing decor touches and a decent sized macaron shop opposite that will sell about 30 different flavours — Adriano Zumbo watch out. The ambience is noticeably more quiet than it's Chifley Plaza location which is a huge plus when trying to have a conversation. The range of beautifully designed cakes and fresh pastries seems just as extensive and the service is friendly although still be finding their feet in these early days. Today's lunch purchase of Toasted foccacia with prosciutto, bocconcini, rocket and tomato ($9.90 takeaway) was decently sized and the ingredients fresh tasting. The salted foccacia added a lovely savoury taste. I think the addition of some chive mayonnaise, aoili or avocado would have been nice to add a bit more moisture to the sandwich for my liking.

Other visits to Bacco:
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PROS: Nice building location, Much quieter than Chifley Plaza location, More centrally located in the CBD, Quality ingredients, Great range of cakes, pastries and sandwiches, Seating available, Licensed
CONS: Service still finding their feet, Service counter area can be crowded when busy
MUST TRY: Dining in — the bruschetta looked amazingly delicious. Revisiting when their macaron shop is open.

Toasted foccacia with prosciutto, bocconcini, rocket and tomato ($9.90 takeaway)

Open for business on level 2

Menu board

Plenty of large and small sugar hit choices

Outside seating

Inside seating

QVB seating around the clock centrepiece
Bacco Wine Bar Pasticceria, Qvb on Urbanspoon


missklicious said...

The cakes look so good! And definitely a more convenient location to visit than Chifley.

BGDino said...

I'm so going there when my exams are over!

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Oooee - looks big - as does the foccacia

foodwink said...

You are so resourceful when it comes to lunch options in the city. Please keep them coming :)

The cakes look so good. Adriano, watch out indeed!

Madam Wu said...

Great setting. Am keen to try that out. The city needs more good lunch options!

Monica ^o^ said...

Perfect ! Now I can get their goodies on the weekends too !

sugarpuffi said...

oh mi gad! look at their pretty cakes! i already planned a Sugar Hit at bacco :D

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I think you must be one of Bacco's best customers Simon!

Simon Leong said...

hi missklicious, i actually think they might even have more cakes on offer at QVB than chifley.

hi BGDino, be sure not to overdoze on sugar when you visit :-) but you deserve it.

hi tina, let me know if you get a chance to get it out and what you have to recommend.

hi foodwink, i'll do my best.

hi madam wu, now we have Le Grand Cafe and Bacco near by :-)

hi monica, good for everyone :-)

hi sugarpuffi, enjoy the sugar hit. hope you find some awesome cakes to suggest to me.

hi lorraine, i wish i could buy shares in the cakes hehe :-)

Anonymous said...

I was expecting better quality of food for the price of 29 dollars worth of pasta. When the waitress gave me my plate, I was a bit taken back with the color of the sauce. As I've tried LINGUINE CON GAMBERI before, where the sauce was normally olive oil and parsley, but this sauce was a murky green-brown and had squashed capers in the sauce. The shrimp was extremely overcooked to the extent that it was very shriveled up and not properly deveined. There was a STRONG fishy smell coming from the sauce, strong to the extent that it smelt like dead rotten fish (to be honest). There were missing ingredients and other ingredients that were added that were not listed in the menu description. It had cherry tomatoes added instead of zucchini flowers. After asking where the zucchini flowers were (the main reason why I chose this dish because I love zucchini flowers), the waitress told me that they ran out of it and were to "get some more" and make me some and put it on the side. Ten minutes later I got my zucchini flowers on a tiny dip plate, unsure how quick they went to the groceries and cooked it within that ten minutes. I could barely eat the pasta with the sauce, it was terribly salty and fishy. To be honest, I wanted to throw up. They tried to make ammends by offering...a muffin...LOL. That was nice of them, but I just really wanted to get out of there. So much for 29 dollars worth of pasta. I had gelato straight after to get rid of the taste out of my mouth. I'm afraid to come back, but maybe the other dishes are better, but I'm not willing to take that risk. Here's a picture


It really was disgusting, to the point that the smell was traumatizing.

Simon Leong said...

hi Anonymous, thanks for your account of your dining experience and taking a photo. it's always good to see the dish. it's such a shame when expectations aren't met. i've had LINGUINE CON GAMBERI before in a tomato based sauce so i guess it could come with any sauce so hopefully the description on the menu provided a better idea of what sauce it was supposed to come with. I think it's worth you letting the cafe know of your whole experience, via email perhaps. i'm sure they wouldn't want any customer to be left with such a terrible experience as you've described. to be honest it sounds like they may have forgotten about the zucchini flowers if it was on the menu. if they weren't available then it should have been noted when you ordered it. all the best in your search for good pasta :-)

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